How to extract text from a photo without retyping

extract text from a photo -
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This post talks about how to extract text from a photo without retyping.

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Text extraction is a technique that extracts pieces of data that already exist within any given text. You could be having an image with text on it, and you want to extract this text and use it somewhere else, what do you do?

Below is a way to extract text from images:

How to Translate Text from Images with Google Lens


Using Google lens

How to extract text from a photo without

Google lens has over a billion downloads.

It lets you search what you see and get things done faster.

How does Google lens work?

You can use the lens app on your web browser, Android, or iOS phone. To extract text, open the google photos app and open the image you would like to extract the text from. You will see a pop-up saying “Copy text from image”.

How to extract text from a photo without

Tap on it to extract the text from the image. On the right, you will see the copied text. You can copy all the text or highlight and select only the text you want.

extract text from a photo -

Next, copy the selected text to the clipboard and paste them wherever you want to paste them.

The above method uses the PC version of Google lens. The google photos are accessed using the chrome browser. The photos display when you back them up on your device. So, chrome has to be using the same Google account as the one you use to back your photos on your device.

How to extract text from a photo using your phone:

Firstly, open your google photos app > Select the photo you want to extract text from. A list of options appears at the bottom, for instance, search, Copy text, Listen, etc.

Secondly, tap on Copy text. The text on the image is selected. Then, copy and paste the text where you would like it to be pasted.


Text extraction can be a time saver especially when your typing speed is slow. Even if your typing speed is fast, it can save the energy that you would have used to type. That is all thanks to data extraction tools.