How to Enhance Mozilla Firefox Security and Privacy

How to Enhance Mozilla Firefox Security and
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Mozilla Firefox takes your privacy more seriously than any other web browser. It is an open-source browser that makes it even more desirable among the masses. Chrome, Safari, and Edge have the propensity to collect your data as these browsers are corporations owned hence, Firefox beats them all.  

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Mozilla is highly customizable so you can easily change Firefox security settings to your liking. For example, you can block third-party cookies easily that collect your data for advertising purposes. 

Below we discuss effective and easy ways you can enhance Mozilla Firefox security and privacy.


How can I improve Firefox security?


Mozilla has built-in features like its own VPN, but is not very effective and many people complain about its support measures. Unlike browser VPN, a full VPN installed on your Operating System will be the best choice. 

Follow a few steps to set up the Firefox extension and avoid overhaul bans in no time. Simply download a VPN like VeePN, choose your desired plan, and connect with the world with a VPN for Firefox. VeePN offers the best Firefox extension as it enhances your internet speed, and makes you invisible to government agencies and tracking parties. This makes it unique and extremely useful when you need maximum privacy and security. 

If you face any hiccups in the download process or if the speed is down, update Mozilla plugins and try browsing again. The Firefox Mozilla extensions are desktop VPN extensions and add an extra layer of protection for the browser interface. 

Disable Firefox Telemetry: 

Another step to make Firefox secure is by disabling Firefox telemetry. It shares technical reports and interactions of the browser and maintains data collection and study. This can compromise your security measures and should be disabled in our expert opinion. 

You can find telemetry in Firefox security settings. Click on the three bars on the far right corner of the page > Options > Privacy & Security > FirefoxData Collection and Use, then uncheck the boxes.

Disable telemetry reports for Mozilla to Android as well, that will be true for crash reports, location sharing, and telemetry. 

Go to Menu > Options > Privacy> Data choices and there you can uncheck the above three options.  

Make Firefox your Default Search Engine: 

In updated versions, Firefox has Google as the default search engine; it can ruin your data security measures as Google thrives on data collection. You can make other private search engines your default browser by going into the settings. Simple click on the Menu or three bars > Options > Search > Default Search Engine. 

Unfortunately, Firefox does not have much to offer in private search engine domain and you must go to one-click search engines and then on find other search engines to look for more options. 

Firefox Security Add-Ons: 

These are also called Mozilla extensions and as of Firefox update 57, most of the add-ons are transferred to being extensions or are in the process. And thanks to the update the redundant extensions have been excluded from the list. Also, extensions reduce browsing speed, most functions serve the same purpose as the extensions so why weigh down your browser? 

Nevertheless, there are some extremely useful extensions that you must download for Firefox security. 

  • uBlock Origin: it is lightweight and efficient to block ads on websites. uBlock Origin improves page load speed and performance, unlike its compatriots. Moreover, it is a more desirable improvement from its predecessor, Ad Block Plus which used to enable desired ads on websites and that was unacceptable for its users. 

uBlock Origin also lets you whitelist websites which come in handy in the case when most sites identify ad blockers and don’t approve access. This feature has made this Mozilla extension quite popular among the masses. 

  • Privacy Badger: It compliments uBlock Origin and they both best run together. Privacy Badger was developed by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and is efficient in identifying the scripts running on pages and disabling them. 

FirefoxContent Blocking: 

Another great feature of Firefox security is content blocking. It efficiently senses the websites with tracking and profiling tactics and automatically blocks them. You can choose the level to which you want to share your information. 

There are Standard, Strict, and Customized levels which you can choose to block cryptominers, fingerprints, cookies, and tracking content. 

You can choose the setting in Menu > Options > Privacy and Security > Content Blocking and select the option you want. 


By following the above guidelines, you can make your Mozilla Firefox more secure and protect your data easily. By using VeePN you will also have IP and location protection that will further the security. Remember to do a security check right after you install Firefox to avoid any security breach.