How to enable Facebook dark mode (Mobile and Desktop)

How to enable Facebook dark mode (Mobile and Desktop) -
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This article talks about turning on dark mode for Facebook. Most of us have heard of or at least used the Facebook app at one point.

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If you are trying out dark mode, the steps to enable or disable it are quite simple. In case it is not your thing, you can change it back from dark mode to the usual interface. That is good news for those that will not like the dark mode since people have different tastes and preferences.

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How to enable the Facebook dark mode on Desktop

  • The screenshot below shows the Facebook home page (immediately after logging into your account). As you can see from the white background. It is in
Facebook light mode to dark mode - STEPS -
  • In the top right corner, just after the notification bell, there is a triangle icon that is upside down. Clicking on it displays brings down a menu as shown below:
Facebook desktop light mode to dark mode - STEPS -
  • Afterward, select the Display and Accessibility option from the list that dropped down after clicking or tapping on the upside-down triangular icon. It has a shape of a moon as its icon on the far left.
Enable/Disable Facebook Dark mode on desktop - - 1
  • Below dark mode, there are radio buttons with one saying ‘off’ which is selected. Select the one that says ‘on’ to activate the dark mode.
Facebook dark mode for desktop - ugtechmag.

Simple and Quick, those are the steps to turn on Dark Mode on the desktop version of Facebook. To return to the way things are, just select the “off” dark mode.

Facebook Dark mode on desktop is enabled
Facebook Dark mode on desktop is enabled

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How to Enable Dark Mode Feature on Android

Dark mode for Facebook on Android comes in handy for all who are suffering when exposed to bright screens. Screen time before bed has also been shown to be affecting our sleep and how much REM sleep we get but recent advancements in eye care in screens. Facebook dark mode on Android is helping more than you could be imagining.

To turn on Dark Mode on your Android smartphone

  • Firstly, Open up your app drawer and tap your Facebook app
  • Hit the burger icon on the top-right
  • Select ‘Settings & Privacy
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ options.
  • Under ‘Preferences, select ‘Dark Mode’ and toggle the ‘On’ switch.

As easy as that, you are now using Facebook Dark mode on your android mobile after successfully completing the above steps.

How to turn on Dark Mode Feature on iPhone

  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the menu button at the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down to Settings & Privacy.
  • Select Dark mode.
    From the same menu, you can choose to also disable dark mode

You can update your Facebook App from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

NOTE: If you choose to turn on/off Dark Mode in your phone system settings, the app will adjust the appearance based on your device’s system settings.
In other words, if you are using a light theme on your iPhone then Facebook will also use its light theme. And if you switch to iOS dark mode then Facebook will adopt a dark avatar.

In case you are not seeing the dark mode option in your Facebook App Settings menu, open the App Store on the iPhone and download the latest update of the app.

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