How to Educate Yourself During the Pandemic

How to Educate Yourself During the Pandemic -
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The coronavirus pandemic has hit many sectors negatively, including the education sector. In most countries, currently, you will find schools closed until further notice with students learning at home. While some countries are gradually opening schools, there is still a threat of the pandemic, which has made students seek other ways of educating themselves out of school.

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Online learning is among the top modes of learning in this pandemic. Students link up with their teachers through the internet while staying safely at home. But is it the only mode of learning? In this enlightening piece, we will discuss some ways one can use to educate themselves without attending the traditional schools, which is necessary for this pandemic. Here is the list.


Online courses

Online courses have continued to top the list since schools were closed after the pandemic hit the world. Students in urban and remote areas are now connecting with their teachers online to learn various courses before the pandemic. In this process, you only need to have a stable internet and a computer, laptop, or smartphone to remotely connect with your teacher and other students online. As highlighted in this EdWize’s article, this form of education lets you choose your best platform and best tutor, and you can take any course as long as it’s viable learning online. Some platforms have helped many students complete their education and even graduate during this pandemic period.


Mentorship is increasingly becoming part of the learning process. You only need to find someone who inspires you and get mentorship in the areas you prefer. You can do mentorship either physically if sharing the same neighborhood with the mentor or done online like the online learning methods. Through their vast experiences and skills, these mentors will share the valuable lessons that you can’t learn at school since they come together with real-life experiences. Having a mentor makes you stay ahead of the rest. It is like doing things practically and learning with an expert. Through them, you can ask questions, do practical experiences, and even work alongside them to see how things are done depending on your field of study. They will also help you concentrate on specific topics, unlike when you study in schools and colleges.

Take up an art class

Most people who learn in classes may think that arts are part of plays or jokes. While it involves having fun, this is not the case. Participating in arts will let you learn many things, and you might even take it as part of your life long career. Many learners have come up with creative solutions. What makes you think you can’t become one of the creative? Being artsy or a creator can make you earn your living. It helps you uniquely do things. It is cheaper than any other learning mode. It helps you meet other like-minded people you can share experiences and do something mutually. Through arts, you can learn new skills by looking at things and considering them differently. Which are some of the arts one can do? There is drawing, writing, singing, dancing, and creating items.

Check on news

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News channels, both old and current, have become the best medium to educate yourself on new and trending trends in the world. Fortunately, unlike before, there are now more news channels and mediums you can use to stay ahead of everyone. Other than the traditional Radio, TV, and print, we now have websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, mobile news alerts, and other methods that you can use to access news easily. You can pick a niche on the news and concentrate on it while educating yourself on what’s happening worldwide. You can use hashtags on social media or read on blogs, helping you learn something new every day. In the end, you will have absorbed more materials as compared to when you attended the physical classes.

Look things up

Most people learned of the COVID-19 pandemic by searching the disease on the internet. This statement shows you can search for anything on the internet and get educated about it. Search engines like Google and informative websites like Wikipedia provide unlimited resources and education materials you can use and learn from home without risking your life to get out looking for education. However, you have to understand how to pick what is right. The internet is full of things, and some are not authentic and can mislead you.

The internet and technology have opened up so many ways one can use to learn about this pandemic. Other than it, there is the streamlined media which has helped many students study and graduate. Learners endorsed online learning as the best learning method from the start of this pandemic. Use it well to learn your preferred courses until when you graduate. It is crucial to choose a course that will shape your career.

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