How To Delete Old Windows

Delete Old Windows -
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Are you wondering about the easiest ways to delete old windows? Wonder no more, you have come to the right place.

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By default, when you upgrade your Windows version on your PC, a copy of the old version is created by the system. This happens so that you can revert to the previous version in case something goes wrong with the new version of windows.

However, this can count towards the storage capacity of your computer. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the three different ways to delete the Windows.old file from your computer and get more space.

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How To Delete Old Windows

Method 1: Using Storage Sense

  • To use this method, open Settings.
  • In the new interface click on System.
  • There will be a new interface where you will click on Storage.
  • Under the “Storage sense” section, click the Change how we free up space automatically option.
  • Now check the Delete previous version of Windows option.
  • After this, click the Clean now button.
  • Congrats, you deleted the old version of windows.
Storage sense to delete old windows -

Method 2: Using Temporary files settings

To use this method, we shall still use Storage Sense

  • Go ahead and open Settings.
  • Then click on System.
  • In the new interface, choose Storage.
  • Under the “Storage sense” section, click the Free up space now option.
  • Ensure you check the Previous Windows installation(s) option.
  • You can allow to delete other unnecessary files if it’s okay with you
  • Click the Remove files button.
  • Congrats, you have saved between 14 and 20GB on your computer.
Temporary files to delete old windows -

Method 3: Using Disk Cleanup To Delete Old Windows

This method involves using File Explorer

  • Go and open File Explorer.
  • Now hit This PC from the left pane.
  • You will see the “Devices and drives” section
  • Now, right-click the drive with the Windows 10 installation (usually the C drive)
  • Next, select the Properties option.
  • You will see “General” tab, choose the Disk Cleanup button.
  • Click the Cleanup system files button.
  • Now, check the Previous Windows installation(s) option.
  • You can mark other files as well if you’re good with it. Note that Windows 10 is deprecating Disk Cleanup in favor of Storage sense.
  • Click the Delete Files button to confirm the deletion.
  • Next, choose Yes button to confirm the warning.
File explorer to delete old windows
Using disk clean up


Now, that’s how you delete the old Windows folder and file from your PC to restore space. We do hope you found this article helpful and that you will leave a comment.