How to create Presentation slides with Google slides.

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Google provides a variety of services online that you don’t have to always do everything locally on your computer. All you need to have access to the unlimited google services from the cloud is a google account. (in other words a Gmail account)

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I believe by now almost everyone has a google account since most smartphones need this account for customization. In this article, I will be sharing with you how to create presentation slides with Google Slides, one of the frequently used services in Google Drive. You no longer need to look for Microsoft Powerpoint to create stunning presentations.

Other similar services provided include.

  • Google Docs – are used to create documents the way Microsoft Word does.
  • Google Sheets- these are used in creating spreadsheets just like Excel.

With Google Slides, you have an option of creating a presentation by modifying an already existing template. Therefore with Google slides you don’t need to start from scratch however you can start with a blank presentation if you prefer to.

How to a create presentation slides with google slides

Note: You can only use Google slides if you have a google account otherwise sign up and account.

Open google drive.

To access your google drive, log into your Gmail account from the browser.

click on the apps icon in the top right corner of your inbox. From the menu displayed, click on Drive.

Open google drive

Open Google Slides.

Click on the New icon in the top left corner. This will display a drop-down list.

Continue with creating a new presentation. Click on Google Slides choose to either create a blank presentation or create a presentation from a template

create either blank presentation or from a template

How to create a blank presentation in Google Slides

Let’s start by creating a blank presentation. Click on blank presentation, a new tab will open where the name of the presentation should be entered.

Give the powerpoint presentation a title

Add Google Slides

The blank presentation by default opens with one slide (the title slide) after which you can add more slides of various layouts. To add a new slide, click on the drop-down icon next to the “+” icon at the top left corner and choose a slide with the preferred layout. You can also change the layout of an existing slide by clicking on the layout label in the top menu.

add new slide to the presentation

Add text to Google Slides

In case you need to add text to a slide other than the text fields already available with the slide layout, click on the text field icon ( T ) at the top menu.

Format slide background

You can also format the slide background by clicking on the background label. There are options for modifying the background including color or picture background. A picture can be got from the existing google drive photos or can be uploaded directly from the computer.

Edit Google Slides presentation theme

You can edit the theme of the presentation or an individual to improve the presentation look. To edit or apply a new theme to a slide or presentation, click on the theme label on the top menu and select a theme to apply.

change powerpoint presentation theme

Save the presentation

All documents created or edited with Google are automatically saved on Google Drive at each change.

After creating a presentation. You can either share it via email or download it. Click on File in the top left corner and then click on share to share it to users via email. To download it, click on download as. There are various formats of the presentation available for download. These include the powerpoint slides (.pptx), text format (.txt), pdf (.pdf), and image formats (for individual slides)

download or share powerpoint presentation

How to create a presentation from a template

After clicking on new > Google slides, continue with From a template.
This will display the available templates in their categories. Choose a category by clicking on it and then start editing the presentation. You can change the template any time during editing by clicking on the theme label.

Create a powerpoint presentation from a template

To share or save the file, click on File in the top left corner as described previously.

How to upload a powerpoint presentation in Google Drive.

There are various reasons you may want to upload an existing powerpoint presentation to your Google Drive. Maybe for the sake of backup. Or maybe to share it with someone. Or edit and update it. For any case, follow these steps to upload a presentation.

To upload a presentation, click on the New icon in the top left corner of Google Drive window.

Click on Upload and locate the powerpoint file. Click on it and then click OK.

How to send a powerpoint Presentation in Gmail.

Click on the compose email icon.

From the message field, you can either send the file saved locally on the computer of a file stored on Google Drive.

To send a presentation file located on the computer hard disk, hover the mouse pointer on the available icons below the message box and click on where the title says Attach files. (the attachment icon in case you’re familiar with it).

Locate the presentation file from the file explorer window displayed and then click OK. The file will be ready for sending after uploading.

To send a presentation file stored on Google Drive, click on the Google Drive icon among the icons below the message box.

With Google Drive, a file can be sent as a Drive link or as an attachment. With the Drive link, the file won’t be downloaded by the receiver but rather it will be viewed from the sender’s Google Drive. A file sent as an attachment is sent normally like an uploaded file.

send presentation file from Google drive