How to copy and paste between PC and smartphone

copy and paste between PC and smartphone -
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We reveal to you how to copy and paste between PC and smartphone in this post. There were 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world in 2020 – techjury. Almost half of the private households worldwide were estimated to have a computer at homestatista. It is pretty self-evident that there are a lot of people out there using both smartphones and PCs. Mostly smartphones since they are more affordable compared to PCs. Not to forget they are more portable, making them more desirable to own than a PC.

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But preferring a smartphone to a PC is not always the case. At times you (Students, Workers, and other people) need both of them and might want to transition between each.

Copying and pasting between PC and Smartphone

When you work a lot with your smartphone and PC, there reaches a point when you feel like there should be faster ways of doing some things. Some of these are copying and pasting. Copy and paste are commands in a computer user interface and are one method of transferring data from one location to another (probably one of the most used functions among students, lol).

Copy and paste save the time of typing some information to another location. It is done on your smartphones for those that edit using their phones. It is also done on PCs mostly since they are more convenient when it comes to editing. But what if you want to copy something from your smartphone and paste it onto your PC? Is that even possible? Yes! It sure is. Read on to find out how.

copy and paste between PC and smartphone
image source: pixabay

How to copy and paste between Smartphone and PC

I am using an Android 11 (Google One) OS smartphone and a Windows 10 PC for this demo. Follow the steps below to copy and paste between smartphone and PC (Your phone’s google account should be also the one you are using on your PC):

a) Firstly, open the Google Photos app

b) Secondly, look for an image that has text on it and tap on Lens (to copy text).

copy and paste between Smartphone and PC -
Tap on Lens and then Copy Text
  • c) Thirdly, from the options that come up, select Copy to Computer.
copy and paste between Smartphone and PC - - 1
Select the option of Copy to Computer

This method works given you have google chrome installed on your PC and have an active internet connection on both your phone and PC. Your phone and PC should be connected to the same network. You could create a hotspot on your phone and let the PC connect to it via WI-FI. Your PC’s name should show after tapping copy to computer. Select it.

copy and paste between Smartphone and PC - - 3

d) Fourthly, a notification will appear on your PC to paste the text.

e) Assuming your phone and PC are connected to the same network, open your chrome browser.

f) Open a google doc blank document or notes or notepad or MS Word, etc.. anywhere to paste the text and paste it there.

That is how to copy and paste between PC and smartphone.