How to change the google chrome theme on PC

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Are you tired of the default boring look of Google Chrome? Well, that shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop using Google Chrome. With Google Chrome you can alter everything, from colors to themes. This article provides a guide on how to change the google chrome theme on PC. It also shows how to uninstall a theme or restore the default theme.

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Note: Installing a new theme in Google Chrome will automatically delete the existing theme. However, the default theme can be restored even after installing a new theme.

Google provides a variety of themes that will change the look and feel of your browser.

To change the Google Chrome theme, you’ll first of all have to install a new theme from the Chrome Web store. Installing a new theme does not alter any settings, this includes keeping content in tabs unchanged, not altering history, keeping extensions unchanged and keeping the browser history and bookmarks.

The following steps explain how to change the google chrome theme on PC

Open settings

To access the extensions store.

Open Google Chrome.

Click on the three dots representing the options menu at the top right corner of your Google Chrome window.

Click on settings.

Google Chrome settings

Open the Chrome Web Store

Settings will be opened in a new tab.

Navigate to the Appearance section and click on themes.

This will open the Chrome Web store in a new tab.

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This is where you’ll install the theme from. There are various theme categories from which you can pick a theme.

You can as well search for a particular theme.

There is also a function to filter the themes displayed according to the rating. You can achieve this by clicking on the preferred rate from the left sidebar.

How to change the google chrome theme on PC from the Chrome Web store

Once the desired theme is located.

Click on the theme to view a bigger picture(review)

Click on Add to Chrome when convinced by the appearance.

As soon as the theme is added, it will be applied instantly, no restart is needed.

Add new to Google Chrome

The following steps explain how to uninstall a theme from google chrome on PC

  1. Installation of a new theme to google Chrome automatically deletes the existing theme.
  2. However the default Google Chrome theme can be restored by following the following steps.
  3. Open the settings 
  4. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the Google Chrome window. From the options menu, click on settings.
  5. Keep in mind that no confirmation dialogue will be displayed on deleting a theme.
  6. Scroll down to the Appearance section where the current theme name is displayed and click on reset to default.
uninstalling theme from Google Chrome to restore default theme

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