How to cast video from pc to TV

How to cast video from pc to TV
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Don’t wail over small computer screens anymore! Pc casting allows you to share your computer screen over TV. PC casting provides a wide range of options to streamline your content without any hustle. In this article, I will share tips on how to cast video from PC to TV using both wired and wireless options as we shall see.

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Here we shall look at wireless video HDMI kits.

Using Wireless video HDMI kits

Wireless Video HDMI kits are some of the best casting tools that make casting to a larger screen easier. It gives you the option of eliminating multiple cable clutter behind your stand. Take an instance, how many cable connectors would you have behind your media stand if you had a gaming console, Pc, DVD, TV, DST decoder, and other sophisticated gadgets. Well, don’t count, Wireless video HDM kit got you covered.

How to cast video from pc to TV

There are no restrictions about where your computer is supposed to sit. You can put your computer anywhere you want since it’s on a wireless connection to your TV or projector. Feel free to move it around the way you want so long as it stays within the connection range.

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Wireless Video HDMI is also compatible with a wide range of devices. It can work well with projectors, TV, and other display devices. It comes enabled with the following devices;

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Cable boxes
  • Blu-ray players
  • Gaming consoles

Lastly, wireless video HDMI is easy to set up to start casting video from PC to TV. All you need is to plug in the transmitter and receiver and all will be well.

Other ways of casting Video from PC to TV

Using the Project feature

By using this method, your laptop or desktop shall appear on the screen the same way you would be connecting your PC to the projector. By using this feature, you will be able to cast videos from PC to TV either by wired connection through an HDMI cable or by wireless means over WI-FI.

In Windows settings of displaying your screen via other media, choose duplicate in order to have two screens showing different things. You will be able to get the media audio through your PC but the display shall happen on your TV.


Through the Miracast technology, it is possible to cast video from PC to TV to serve wide ranges of viewers. This is more common in cinemas and other places that gather a big number of people such as restaurants. But this doesn’t mean you won’t need at your home while streaming Netflix with your family. Miracast is well supported in Windows 10 and will do you this trick.

How to cast video from pc to TV Miracast

Requirements for casting video from PC to TV with Miracast

  • You must have a smart TV television with its Wi-Fi capabilities turned on
  • Smart TV and your computer should have Bluetooth enabled
  • Your smart TV and PC must support Miracast
  • You Smart TV and PC should have up-to-date drivers that can support Miracast
  • It must not be an Apple TV

Steps by step guide to cast video from PC to TV

  • Press “Home” or “Input” on your TV remote
  • Select screen Mirroring or projector then select the kind of casting you wish to carry out.
  • Now turn to your computer, go to the setting menu and choose devices.
  • Below the Bluetooth option, click “Add Bluetooth or other device.”
  • Now click “Wireless display or dock.”
  • You will just click on your smart TV on the menu that will appear to begin casting video from PC to TV.