How to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment with Rocket Health in Uganda

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Rocket Heath is Uganda’s number one telemedicine player. It offers many online health solutions including ways to Book a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment With Rocket Health in Uganda.

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The simple answer to this solution is, Just dial *280*4# to book your vaccination appointment.

Rocket health is an authorized COVID-19 Vaccination center. You can get free COVID-19 vaccinations every Monday and Wednesday at the clinic. Are you still hesitant about whether you should leave the comfort of your home and get tested? You can consult with an experienced doctor.

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How to receive Remote consultation on Rocket Health Uganda

You might be used to physical consultations. Where you go to a clinic or hospital and have to talk to a doctor about your problems.

With Rocket Health, you get personalized care when you speak to their medical doctors.

Their call center is open day and night. Not only that, you can consult in English and several local languages through chats, voice and video calls.

To consult a doctor, dial *280.

How to register for Remote tests online using Rocket Health

These days, people like doing things remotely. Working remotely. Ordering food online. Getting stuff delivered to your doorstep, etc.

In the same way, you might have some symptoms of COVID. You are not certain if it’s actually COVID. It might just be the flu or even a fever.

Anyways, if it is actually COVID, what if you go to a clinic and infect more people? Well, Rocket Health can send its trained laboratory professionals to come to your location to test you and see what is wrong.

After, the results are shared with you electronically after a detailed explanation by our Medical Doctors.

Simply dial *280*2# to make a request.

An online option to get Delivery of drugs via Rocket Health

You can get your medicine and other pharmacy orders delivered within hours.

Rocket Health also delivers prescriptions for clients with chronic illnesses who need a regular supply of their medicine. 

Simply dial *280*3# to order from the pharmacy.


Rocket Health has modernized the way it offers its health services. It does online deliveries of drugs. You can get tested from the convenience of your home and get your results. And so forth!

You can get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment and other convenient services as well!