How to Block Text Messages on Android

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Are you tired of getting particular text messages on your android device? Well, if the answer is “YES” then this article will guide you on how you can block text messages on Android. The block feature will not only block messages but will also disable calls from that particular number as well. Every time the sender tries sending a text message to your contact, it will not get to the recipient as intended in the first place. Here is how you can block and block text messages on Andriod.

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How to Block Text Messages on Android

To conveniently stop unwanted text messages on Andriod, follow the steps below;

1. Launch the Messages app on your device.

2. Scroll through your message list then spot the contact whose messages you want to block.

3. Long press on the particular contact until the menu options are displayed.

4. On the top bar, click on the block icon (circle with a left to right slash).

5. A notification will pop warning you that you won’t be able to receive calls or texts from that particular contact and that the conversation will be transferred to spam. Press the OK button if you agree with the blocking alignment.

How to Block Text Messages on

How to Unblock Text Messages on Andriod

If you reconsider and would like to unblock text messages from a particular contact, follow the steps listed below;

1. Open the Messages app on your Andriod device.

2. Click on the More options icon (three dots in the right side corner).

3. Select “Spam & Blocked” from the list of displayed options.

4. Tap on the text message that you want to unblock.

5. Click the “Unblock” button to remove conversation out of “Spam & Blocked and get messages again.

6. The contact will be unblocked instantly.

How to unblock Text Messages on