How to block spam emails on Pc and mobile

How to block spam emails on Pc and mobile
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More than a million spam emails are sent out every day. These include emails from scammer sites, promotional emails from eCommerce websites, and other emails that use digital marketing strategies to reach out to a big number of contacts as possible. In this article, I will show some simple tricks on how you can block spam emails on both PC and mobile.

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Why do you continuously get unwanted emails?

Have you ever wondered why you continuously receive spam emails from unknown addresses? Here we picked some likely reasons and how you can go about it.

Accidently subscribing to a newsletter

If you are an online person, you may go over a number of websites per day. That means you meet a lot of web pop-ups requesting you to subscribe to their newsletters. In this process, you may have agreed unknowingly to submit your email into one of the emailing lists on those sites.

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Shared your email on a social site

Scammers comb through a number of social pages every day scrapping out email contacts. If you have ever displayed/posted your email on a public forum or social site, then that must be the reason why you are being spammed.

You have been to an online dating site

If you have been to an online dating site before, it means that your email is subjected to spam. Scammers make use of emails listed on scammer sites to send malicious information to the recipients. Another possibility is if the company you have ever subscribed to was recently subjected to any hacking activities. Hackers most of the time are interested in stealing email lists that companies collect.

How to block spam emails on Pc and mobile

Block spam emails instantly

Your spam folder is responsible for catching all spam emails that come into your inbox. However, there are some emails that escape this folder. Ecommerce websites these days implement special email marketing plugins that play around and bypass the spam folder. Such emails can never be treated as spam however much they are. So in this article, we shall expound on how to eliminate these emails from our inbox. Proceed below for instructions.

Block spam emails on Pc

  • In case you have received an email from someone you don’t recognize and you think that person is spamming you, click on the email they have sent – to open it.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the email. A menu containing more actions will be displayed.
  • Here, you will have different options, that is; you may report the email as spam or phishing by clicking on the “Report phishing” button. You also have an option to block the sender completely by clicking on “Block.”
  • You will now have to click “OK” to confirm your actions. From now onwards, all emails from this address shall be identified as spam and shall be sent directly into the spam folder.

Block spam emails on mobile

  • Just like in for PC, open the email you think is spamming you
  • Click on the three dots in the right corner of the email to report the email. The options are the same like those for PC.
  • A popup menu will be displayed once you have selected an option. Just click “Report spam”
  • However, if you just want to block the sender from sending you emails, from the menu, choose block.
  • When the blocking popup appears on your screen, just click “Block”. All emails from this address shall be sent direct to your spam folder.

How to unsubscribe from spam emails in Android

How to block spam emails on Pc and mobile

Sometimes we subscribe to emails because we feel there is some important information we feel we don’t want to miss out on at the moment. However, when time passes, this information may become invalid. Thereby, we may need to unsubscribe from these emails.

If the emails are from a genuine website, there is always an option to opt out in case you want to. This information is always placed at the bottom of the email template. All you need is to find the text “Unsubscribe from this email list” and all will be well. The better thing about unsubscribing from an email list is than blocking it is that you won’t receive any email from this address for good.