How to block someone on your wifi network without changing the password

block someone on your wifi network -
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In this blog post, we show you how to block someone on your wifi network without changing the password.

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Over half of the people admit to using WiFi to log into their personal email (59%) or social media accounts (56%), apart from doing other things like sharing photos or videos (44%) — avsystem.

Wireless networks are the most widely used computer networks in the world. They are used worldwide in home and small office networks to link;

-desktop and laptop computers, 

-tablet computers, 


-smart TVs, 


-and smart speakers together.

We have all used WI-FI — most of us at least. Some of us have created WIFI hotspots to connect our laptops to phones. Or vice versa. Not only that, we have also added our family members and others to our hotspots. As they also enjoy surfing the internet.

Although sharing is caring. There comes a time when we have to become ruthless. In this case, when our data is limited. Or an unknown someone is accessing our internet anonymously. Read on to find out how we block them from our network.

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Blocking someone on your wifi network without changing the password

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So, we have decided that someone needs to get off our network. Most of the time we just change the password and they are off! Problem solved. We are now happy that they are no longer draining our data.

But are we that happy? Not so much! Why? Well, we have changed our WIFI password. Some of us do not enjoy changing our passwords. Shall we keep changing our passwords each time we want to remove someone from our WIFI network? It is exhausting!

— We can block someone on our wifi network without changing the password! —

a) Firstly, Blacklist that someone

There are some routers that allow users to directly block specific devices. This can be done by adding them to the blacklist option with a single click of a button.

In the event that any new devices get added to our wifi network either intentionally or unintentionally. We will be allowed to allow or block these new devices.  

When we think that there is a device that we are not aware of then we can directly block it from accessing our network. If we want to, then this can be done by just pressing a click button and blocking that user.

b) Secondly, MAC address filtering

MAC in full is media access control. MAC is a hardware identification number that is used for identifying a device in the network. This number is manufactured in the network, and no two devices can have the same MAC address.

Hence, blocking a MAC address from our network means that the device can never enter our network unless we remove them from our router’s blacklist. This can be done in the following steps:

  • Logging in to the Access Point Control panel of our router.
  • In the Wireless or WLAN section seen in the dashboard, Find the MAC filtering option.
  • Set the status of MAC filtering to enabled.
  • Proceed to add devices to our MAC Address list and we select if we want to allow or revoke their access to our router’s network.


We block devices such that unknown devices are removed from our network. WIFI networks are prone to hackers. Meaning a hacker could easily get access to our files and documents through a WIFI hotspot.

We also block devices such that maybe that friend or relative of ours is given a break from overusing the internet.

The above two methods will necessitate you to block someone on your wifi network without having to change your password.