How to become a wave mobile money agent in Uganda

Become Wave Mobile Money Agent Uganda -
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Wave is Uganda’s latest mobile money transactions platform and one of the most affordable mobile money networks in Uganda, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Senegal. What makes it affordable? With Wave, you are sending money for only 1% charges. You are also depositing and withdrawing for FREE at any of wave’s agents. Also, you are paying bills without fees being charged. You are also buying airtime for all networks directly using the app (in Uganda, Senegal, and Mali).

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In the course of time, the adoption of mobile money has been rising fast. 562 million people in Africa benefit from its convenience, accessibility in terms of sending money from one person to another, even across continents. The advantages of mobile money are plenty. Some of them include the accessibility it brings to rural areas, reduction in cash dependency, lower transaction costs, job opportunities to an unusually vast number of individuals who act as mobile money agents. This article talks about how one can become a Wave Mobile Money Agent in Uganda.

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With both an iOS and Android App, Wave has made accessibility and financial inclusivity easy for all users, and as their saying goes, Your Money is Yours. Read on to know how to become a wave mobile money agent.

How to become a wave mobile money agent in Uganda:

Below are the requirements one needs to become a wave mobile money agent in Uganda:

  1. Firstly, a copy of your National ID
  2. Secondly, a business registration certificate
  3. Thirdly, TIN (Tax Certificate)
  4. Fourthly, Abiltiy and willingness to fund a minimum of 2 million Ugandan Shillings
  5. And lastly, a smartphone

Use the requirements above when applying as a wave mobile money agent.

However, it is worth noting that Wave’s agent onboarding depends on other terms and conditions. This simply means that not everyone that has the requirements will automatically become an agent.


After mobile money became a success in Kenya, it uplifted about a million people out of poverty. However, over 10 years later, most Africans still have inadequate access to affordable ways to save, transfer or borrow the money they need to build businesses or provide for their families.

Wave is solving this problem by using technology to build a radically inclusive, borderless, and extremely affordable financial network.

Good luck becoming a wave mobile money agent!