How To Backdate A WordPress Post

Backdate WordPress Post -
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Did you know that you can post with the current date and time, backdate a post to a past date and time, or schedule posts to be published in the future on WordPress? In this post, we are going to discuss how to backdate a post in WordPress. However, let us first go through the pros and cons of backdating WordPress posts.

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Pros Of Backdating WordPress Posts

  • Backdating to a recent date grabs more attention because newer articles seem to be a lot more relevant to readers.
  • It can be useful for news-related posts especially when a story quickly takes another twist just after you published it. A typical example is when a minister is promoted one day and dropped the next day by the same government.
  • Backdating is also useful when you’re trying to transfer content to a new website. The website would be questionable if it has an old story dated with a recent date.
  • Backdating can also be used to schedule future posts. Setting a later date will ensure that you have a post automatically uploaded when the time is ripe.
Backdate WordPress post -

Cons Of Backdating WordPress Posts

  • Backdating could negatively affect your SEO for the post. Google may assume that you’re tricking their algorithm which prioritizes posts according to their age.
  • You are likely to get less traffic from a backdated post because people can tell the difference. It’s best you use it as a last resort.
  • Unlike displaying an updated date, backdating reduces your authority concerning a topic or keyword.

How To Backdate Your WordPress Posts for Beginners

  • The first step is getting into your WordPress dashboard
  • Click the hamburger or WordPress icon at the top left
  • Choose the “Posts” option in the list
  • Find the post that you want to backdate under all posts
  • You will see an edit link right next to the post; click it
  • Click the edit post settings option in the upper right corner
  • In the new interface, click the published date.
  • Now you can set a past, present, or future date/time of your choice.

Congratulations, you have successfully backdated your intended WordPress post. Did we help you backdate your WordPress post and did you find this post useful? Kindly let us know below in the comments section.