How To Avoid Ban On GBwhatsapp

How To Avoid Ban On GBwhatsapp -
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WhatsApp is one of the biggest social media messaging platforms in the world with over 2 Billion users. In a layman’s language, that’s literally two thousand million people, making it Meta’s second-largest social platform after Facebook.

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The app has however been redesigned by other developers in the world in order to make it more fun and convenient. For example, Gbwhatsapp was designed to enhance the privacy of online status and the physical appearance of the app.

Using these modified versions of WhatsApp comes with several risks. The most unfortunate case is when one gets banned by the original WhatsApp messenger server. How then does one avoid ban on GBWhatsapp?

In this article, we are going to inform you on how to avoid getting banned on Gbwhatsapp because it is the most famous mod.

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Avoid Ban on GBWhatsapp – 5 Tips

1. Avoid sending bulk recipients a singular messages

Even if you are using the modified version of WhatsApp, it’s important to note that you are still depending on the same server. Now, WhatsApp constantly monitors your activity and if they notice spammy messages, they might ban your account.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you don’t forward messages to many receivers. Sending messages to many people in a short time is a red flag to the WhatsApp servers.

2. Don’t Post Videos Longer Than 1 Minute on Status

WhatsApp Status was designed to accommodate 30-second videos and other limited features in order to make it stable and convenient.

Uploading long videos overloads the WhatsApp servers and therefore degrades the performance of the WhatsApp servers for some users. If WhatsApp notices you are uploading long videos to status, they’ll ban you.

How To Avoid Ban On GBwhatsapp -

3. Don’t use the same mobile number for several apps

We have all experienced that moment when you register your WhatsApp number, but you get rejected. It’s usually either because you have logged in too recently or your number is already being used on WhatsApp. When you install several WhatsApp versions, you might be tempted to try using the same number twice. However, this is dangerous, since WhatsApp will detect that you’re using a modified version and ban you.

This will look like you’re a spammer, so WhatsApp can easily do a permanent ban.

4. Updating Gbwhatsapp Regularly

How To Avoid Ban On GBwhatsapp - - 1

Another way to avoid getting banned by WhatsApp is by ensuring that your Gbwhatsapp version rhymes with the latest WhatsApp messenger version.

You can download the latest Gbwhatsapp version from here to ensure that you have the latest version.

5. Uninstall GBWhatsApp

This is probably the safest way to avoid WhatsApp from banning your mobile number.

GBWhatsApp is completely independent of the official Meta app known as WhatsApp. Therefore, there are chances that they don’t care about your privacy or your convenience. Using the official WhatsApp messenger will ensure that you’re legally protected.

After uninstalling GBWhatsApp, you can now download the official WhatsApp application from the PlayStore.

These are the best ways you can avoid getting banned on WhatsApp, especially while using Gbwhatsapp.

Conclusion and Disclaimer:

Please note that we don’t guarantee that WhatsApp will not consider other factors to penalize your account. You may violate other policies as well even while using the original WhatsApp versions.

What do you think about these solutions? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.