How to Activate SIM Card Lock for a more secure iPhone

SIM Card Lock or SIM PIN iPhone -
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Have you heard of the SIM Card Lock iPhone feature? With this tool, Locking your iPhone’s SIM card provides another layer of security, ensuring that even if someone gains access to your phone, they cannot use it to call, text, or use your data plan.

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Locking a phone’s SIM card is a basic security feature on almost all phones, even Android ones. After you enable it, your phone will prompt you for a specific SIM PIN every time you turn it on and without it, you won’t be able to make calls, text, or use the device’s Internet plan. A SIM card lock will not prevent an intruder from changing out your SIM card for another one, but that’s alright because you’ll know they can’t access your phone or your valuable data.

Now, let’s go through how to set up a SIM Card Lock on an iPhone SIM card.

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Step-By-Step: How to set up a SIM Card Lock on iPhone

To lock your iPhone’s SIM card, first, go to Settings and then tap “Phone.”

SIM Card Lock on iPhone -

Next, tap “SIM PIN” to enable this option.

Adding a SIM PIN iPhone -

To use it, tap “SIM PIN.”

The SIM PIN iPhone feature -

Your SIM card will come with a default PIN issued by your cellular carrier. For many, this is just 1111, but be aware that entering it incorrectly three times may leave your SIM disabled. To receive the default code, you’ll most likely need to contact your carrier.

SIM Card Lock iPhone -

Your SIM PIN will now be activated after you input the right default PIN. You must still update it to your personal PIN since you do not want it to be the default.

Select “Change PIN.”

How to change a SIM PIN on iPhone -

To begin, enter your existing PIN, which should still be the default (1111, usually). After that, you must enter and confirm your new PIN.

Adding a new PIN - iPhone SIM PIN feature -

After that, restart your phone. You should receive a notification indicating your SIM card is locked. If you merely hit “OK” at this point, your SIM card will be temporarily inaccessible until you unlock it. 

Just be aware that you will only have three attempts to enter the right SIM PIN before your SIM is disabled and you must contact your carrier for a new one. Set up a PIN that is easy to remember but tough to guess. Adding a SIM PIN obviously adds another degree of protection. In addition to the screen lock, you must input another code to access the device and use it correctly. For many, this type of peace of mind will allow them to breathe better, especially since a mobile phone is so easily misplaced or stolen.