How to activate Airtel WinBack Offer and enjoy up to 1000% recharge bonus on N100, N200, and N500

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Source: Airtel Nigeria
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Here is everything you need to know about Airtel WinBack. This offer rewards billable inactive users or customers who have been inactive for at least 15 days with special offers. However, only a small number of Airtel subscribers would benefit from this promotion, and these users do not include both old and recently registered consumers.

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Despite the fact that there are a number of better Airtel plans and offers, this one is up there with the best options. In actuality, Airtel isn’t the only telecom provider in the country providing such an interesting offer.

In addition, MTN has a promotion known as the MTN Welcome Back Offer, which rewards users who have been on the MTN network for at least 60 days and have not engaged in any chargeable activity in the previous 15 days or more.

Customers who recharge between N50 and N1500 with the code *161*<pin># will receive a 12% boost and a data bonus. Customers that have inactive chargeable data activity can also take advantage of special cheap data packages by dialing *131*65#.

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What is Airtel WinBack Offer?

According to the Airtel website, Airtel WinBack gives bonuses to clients that have not performed any chargeable activity in the past 15 days or more. 

These Airtel customers, like those eligible for the MTN Welcome Back Offer, have not been completely inactive or inert for at least 15 days and have not engaged in any chargeable activity.

While MTN is providing this deal to subscribers who have been inactive for 60 days without recharging their SIM, Airtel is offering its deal to users who have just been dormant for 15 days and have not engaged in any chargeable activity.

Airtel WinBack Offer Benefits?

In contrast to MTN’s welcome back deal, which offers 12% off any recharge, Airtel’s WinBack promotion gives customers up to 1000% off airtime recharges of N100, N200, and N500, as well as equal data incentives on N200 and N500 deals.

For a better understanding, here is a detailed table that shows an overview of the Airtel WinBack offer. Look at the table below:

Amount (Price)Value (Worth)Expiration (Validity)
Recharge NGN100NGN200030 days (one month)
Recharge NGN200NGN2000 Bonus + 200MBNGN2000 for 30 days and 200MB for 3 days
RechargeNGN6000 Bonus + 1GBNGN6000 for 30 days and 200MB for 3 days

The benefits of the Airtel WinBack offer are clearly shown in the table above, where all airtime rewards for NGN100, NGN200, and NGN500 expire after 30 days, whereas data bonuses for NGN200 and NGN500 are only available for 3 days.

How to activate and enjoy the WinBack Offer

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Customers must activate the plan exclusively using the USSD code *241*7# in order to start taking advantage of the Airtel WinBack offer. You should first recharge with any chosen amount between NGN100 and NGN500 before dialing the number and completing the purchase.


The WinBack offer balance may be checked within the Airtel App or using the regular or usual USSD bonus checking code, although Airtel did not specify how to do so.