How to access your files anywhere on any device

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This post shows how to access your files anywhere on any device.

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Computer files are computer resources for recording data in a computer storage device, mainly identified by their file names.

Even as words can be written on paper, so can data be written to a computer file. Computer files can be shared with and transferred between computers and mobile devices through the Internet, networks, or removable media. Some examples of these files include word docs, excel files, photos, videos, etc.

Why would one need to access such files anywhere, on any device? For starters, we live in a world where anything can happen. Your device could get stolen, spoilt, etc, and it could be having some pretty important files on it. Knowing how to access them could be handy.

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Here are some ways you could access them anywhere, on any device using Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive.

a) Firstly, using Google Drive

Google Drive - access your files anywhere -

Google Drive has over 2 billion monthly active users –helloleads.

To access your files anywhere using Google Drive, firstly, your files must have been uploaded onto Google Drive for starters. You can use Google Drive’s web version, Android, or iOS app to upload your desired apps.

Secondly, after uploading, you can access them on any device. To do this, log into Google Drive with the Gmail address you used to upload the files you want to access. Thirdly, search for the file. Lastly, after finding it, you can view its contents, modify them, download them, and even share the files.

b) Secondly, using Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive - access your files anywhere -

OneDrive is usually used by companies with 50-200 employees. It was developed by Microsoft. One Drive usually comes with Windows PCs. You are prompted to sign in once logging onto the PC. By default, everything on the desktop and documents is backed up to OneDrive.

You can access these files on any device by logging into your one drive account in any browser, or by installing the OneDrive app on Android or iOS and logging in to access the files.


Using Google Drive and One Drive has been of great value to me. I did not feel the impact of losing my files on the PC because I had uploaded them to those cloud services. Additionally, I also find it convenient to continue working on any file from whichever device I choose to use.

With Google Drive and One Drive, you can access your devices anywhere, on any device, at any time.