How to access Facebook in Uganda

How to access Facebook in Uganda
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Facebook in Uganda has been closed for a couple of months ever since the presidential elections. The closure initially was connected to the political instability in the country; however which became a permanent ban as it looks like at the time of writing this post. You may fail to get a valid reason for the ban if you were to ask any random stranger on the streets of Kampala. Ever since then, it has been a tag of war accessing Facebook. However, in this post, I will show you how to access Facebook in Uganda.

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Do this to access Facebook in Uganda

The Ugandan government is not the only government that has ever denied its people from accessing social platforms. In Nigeria too, they cannot access Twitter. However, when I say “they cannot” I don’t mean all the people there don’t use Twitter at all. Of course, they are those that go about the ban and still access the banned platforms as if they invented them, LOL!

some one holding facebook on smartphone

So this is what we are addressing in this article today. How to access Facebook in Uganda shouldn’t have been a topic if it was not a concern. There are businesses out there that 100% rely on Facebook traffic and leads. Also, there are those social media managers who lost jobs because Facebook was no more. Therefore, I will take through different valid means of how you can access Facebook in Uganda, and continue with your normal businesses.

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One of the best options of how to access Facebook in Uganda is by going through a “virtual private network.” Well, most of us know them as VPNs. Actually, not all VPNs are safe tools to go about the ban. Some are really fake software, consume a lot of data, and sometimes cause a lag in your network speed. Below I shared some of the best VPNs that you may use to access Facebook in Uganda. All of them are free tools, lightweights, therefore don’t take up much phone space, and also they are easy to install.

Five safe and free VPN tools to unlock any banned network

social media apps


This VPN doesn’t track your location as most other VPN tools do. In addition to that, it provides a clean and simple user interface that is easy to get along with. There are versions for Android and iPhone users. For Android users, you will go straight to the Google play store. Once you have installed this app, just find it on the home screen and launch it. Below are the features that you must expect from Nord VPN.

  • More than 5500 NordVPN servers in 59 countries
  • A relevant degree of anonymity
  • No log activity online
  • Expect 24/7 customer support.
  • Connecting to the server is simple
  • Keeps you safe from public WI-FI
  • Incorporates Onion over VPN servers, P2P
  • Have a free version


CyberGhost is another one on the list since it has access to the NoSpy server. You cannot be blocked once you are using this tool. Actually, what makes this VPN a real deal is that it can unlock all streaming services the internet has ever known! Let us see more of what CyberGhost can provide.

  • You can connect seven devices simultaneously with this app
  • Gives you unlimited bandwidth Can hide your IP in a go
  • Can protect you against Hackers
  • Uses the latest 256-bit AES encryption technique to encrypt data using
  • More than 7000 servers in 91+ countries


A good number of you have heard about this Android VPN app. It is based in Canada, and mostly it is used in areas where people care about their IP addresses. Its job is to hide your device’s IP so it doesn’t get blocked in the tunnel.

  • It displays encrypted data tunneling.
  • Automatically connects the server
  • Never logs any user activities.
  • It uses a strong AES 256-bit technique by default.

Express VPN

This is purely for iPhone users, i.e. iOS and iPad as well. It connects in just one tap and tunnels your entire device with your permission. The good thing about this app is that it is as well supported by the most recent iOS software updates on iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV.

  • Has a Download Speed of 88Mbps
  • It is rated 4.5 in the iOS App Store
  • It is supported by Apple TV


This is described as the best VPN for iPhone users for streaming Netflix. In addition to that, Windscribe is the only free iOS VPN that works with Netflix. Apart from being the cheapest iOS VPN, Windscribe boasts a network speed of 54Mbps and an iOS App Store Rating of 4.0.