How to Access Cheaper Data Offers in Uganda

How to Access Cheaper Data Offers in Uganda - UgTechMag.Com
Credit: MTN Nigeria
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MTN and Airtel are the leading telecommunication networks with the most users. Ugandans love these two networks for their cheap data bundles and who doesn’t love more for less. Along with the covid-19 pandemic came more cheap data offers such as home bundles. As the restrictions lowered, the data bundles gradually increased but were not too high.

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How much data can one use in a day? These days’ data runs so fast, that Hussein Bolt can’t keep up. An average Ugandan uses about 300MBS to 1GB in a day. So with these data speeds, you should at least buy twice a day hence the need for cheaper bundles. So where can one find cheap data bundles?

MTN – Freedom Bundles

With MTN, the Freedom Bundles are the best. They have no validity date. To access them you have to have enabled a 4G sim card to enjoy. You can buy them with MTN MoMo on the MyMTN app or dial *150*6# and follow the prompts. MTN has the widest coverage across Uganda, is guaranteed to network no matter where you are, and has good internet speed.

Airtel Data Bundles

Now Airtel has cheaper daily, weekly and monthly bundles compared to most telecom companies. When you buy bundles with Airtel money, you receive a 50% bonus. The only snag is that at midnight, the bonus expires so jump on the offer as fast as you can. Dial *185#, select option 2 then option 2 then option 1 and follow the prompts.

MyPakalast Bundles

Another way of accessing cheap bundles is with MyPakalast. This offer stands for both voice and data bundles. You can get cheap bundles as low as 650/= you can 35minutes and 15MBS for voice bundles—a good trade, right? You can also get 100MBS roughly at the same price. Dial *149# and select option 1 or *175# and select option 3.

Freaky Friday Bundles

Freaky Friday! Ugandan’s favorite. The jackpot of all Airtel bundles. Millennials count the days to Friday just to access this offer. You won’t find the same bundles as the last time. This offer come in two’s; data and voice bundles. 15minutes and [email protected](24hrs), 4.5GB, [email protected] 5,500 and many more. Dial *149*10# to buy this offer. The other offers are monthly and night bundles which you can access by dialing *175*2#.