How much is a PayWay POS machine and where to buy one in Uganda

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PayWay is a brand of African Vending Systems Ltd. It is a private company that has been emerging in the Ugandan instant payments market since 2009. What the PayWay machine in Uganda does is, firstly; develop solutions for various platforms. Secondly, ensures the convenience of payment processes. And lastly; design and develop payment apps and devices offering easy-to-use tools for everyday payments including:

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  • Public utilities and taxes
  • Airtime top-ups.
  • TV subscriptions.
  • Activations for Internet bundles.
  • Loan repayments
  • Purchasing of tickets, etc.

PayWay is an online payment transaction processing service that allows merchants to receive online payments made on their websites using Visa and MasterCard. With PayWay, you can set up an online store and accept debit/credit card payments for your goods/services.

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What is a PayWay POS machine?

It is the machine that processes payments made through PayWay. People who buy Yaka from vendors are issued receipts that have a token number for the units that have been bought. The machine that issues such receipts is a PayWay machine. There is also a bigger one that does the same.


Google searching “PayWay machine” might return irrelevant results contrary to what you have in mind. This is because PayWay uses POS (Point Of Sale) machines.

Vendors usually work entirely from purchase orders or detailed purchasing contracts. But most businesses need to ring up transactions individually. Depending on your industry, you might be taking cash, checks, cards, or combining all three. One of the most basic needs for any sales-oriented business is a way of making and recording sales, and that’s what a POS machine is for.

POS is where your transaction is finalized. The term itself can have a couple of different interpretations. Simply, it means the terminal that sits beside the cash register to process credit and debit cards, and mobile transactions during your business hours.

How much is a PayWay POS machine?

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Payway Pos Machine

The price of a PayWay machine ranges from UGX 1,000,000 up-wards. The reason the price is varying is because of the differences in the levels of functionality some of them have and also the size of the machines.

Type PayWay machine in the search bar after opening this link Jumia. There you can compare the different prices and machines and pick one that you find suitable for your business.

In case the prices are too high, you could head over to Jiji. Jiji is popularly known for low-priced items. This is because those items are 9/10 times used. They specialize in used items.

Where can I get a PayWay POS machine?

If you are familiar with online selling platforms in Uganda like Jiji and Jumia, you already know where you are getting a PayWay POS machine. You will order your machine from Jiji and agree with the seller where you can pick it up from Or where he can bring it for you to receive, in case they deliver goods. The same goes for Jumia, they either deliver it to you, or you go to them and pick it up yourself.

CAUTION: This is not a sponsored post and any online platforms mentioned are not endorsements. All purchases made are at the owner’s risk.
For Jiji, where second-hand products are sold, ask the seller if they have a receipt or proof that the machine is truly theirs to be on the safe side. Otherwise, Jumia Uganda is more commendable since their vendors always issue receipts on deliveries.