How do smartwatches measure sleep

How smartwatches measure sleep -
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In this post, we unveil how smartwatches measure sleep. Wearable electronic devices have become an integral segment of the consumer electronics industry very fast. They come in different forms and serve a wide range of purposes for their users, such as fashion accessories, fitness trackers, gaming devices, and navigation tools. Smartwatches are one of the most popular wearables categories globally and are expected to reach shipments of more than a quarter of a billion units by 2025 (Source: Statista).

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Smartphones nowadays measure how long you sleep. So do smartwatches. But why would you want to know how long you are sleeping every night?

1) To know if you are getting enough sleep. Most people need at least six hours of sleep for normal memory and brain function.

2) To create a healthy routine. You can program yourself to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning.

3) To prepare yourself in case you get less sleep etc.

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smartwatches measure sleep
smartwatches have become essential to keeping our bodies healthy | image source: pixabay

How are smartwatches measuring sleep?

How do smartwatches measure sleep exactly?

Using the actigraphy process (don’t mind the technical term, we got you ahead -;), your tracker translates your wrist movements into sleep habits. It is necessary for the brain to respond to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep waves, movement of the eye, and breathing in order to determine whether it is light or deep REM sleep.

Dangers of not having enough sleep

Sleep tracking may seem unimportant but it is not. Knowing if you are sleeping enough could benefit your general health and improve your relationships with others. Limited sleep on the other hand may result into:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Impaired or lowered immune system
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • That is how smartwatches measure sleep, so please endeavor to sleep responsibly by having as much sleep as you can.