How did ‘Facebook nearby friends’ work — Other Facebook Location features to be discontinued

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How does ‘Facebook nearby friends’ work? we discuss that in this post. On average, users spend 34 minutes on Facebook every day (Source: omicoreagency). Facebook is an online social media and social networking service owned by Meta Inc. The larger part of Facebook users use Facebook to view photos, then watch videos, and in third is to share content with friends, family, and acquaintances.

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What is ‘Facebook nearby friends’?

Facebook nearby friends was a handy way to find out if any of your friends are close by so you can hang out.

How did it work?

Firstly, it uses Location Services. Sometimes called Location Access. This is a setting on your phone or other mobile devices. When turned on, Location Services helps Facebook provide you with location features. Including allowing you to;

a) Post content that’s tagged with your location,

b) Get more relevant ads, and

c) Find places nearby.

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Secondly, when Location Services is turned off, Facebook may still estimate your location using things like check-ins, events, and information about your internet connection.

Specific location information like your device’s GPS signal. And connection information like your Wi-Fi connection or IP address (internet protocol address) helps Facebook understand where you are. Your IP address is a unique number assigned to a device, like a phone or a computer. The IP address allows your device to communicate over the internet. Numbers are assigned according to standard guidelines, or protocols.

Facebook uses this information to:

a) Firstly, Provide more relevant and personalized experiences,

b) Secondly, Protect your account,

c) Lastly, Provide better ads.

See its Privacy Policy and Privacy Basics to learn more about how it uses your location information.

In summary, Facebook uses a combination of location and check-ins, events, and information about your internet connection to find nearby friends.

NOTE: Facebook is turning off Nearby Friends, Weather alerts, Background Location, and Location History by May 31, 2022. Even if you have previously enabled them. You will still be able to access your Location History until August 1, 2022.