A look at Hisense Smart TV’s VIDAA OS Platform

VIDAA OS: A look at Hisense's Smart TV platform - Dignited
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So you have been using Hisense smart TV?—this is what you should know about your favorite smart TV. We shall be digging deep into the technical bit of this Hisense that will cover VIDAA OS which powers that screen you love so much.

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What is VIDAA OS?

VIDAA U is the technology behind Hisense smart TV that simplifies the traditional smart TV user interface with a one-dimensional ribbon design. It is a strong engine that offers a wide range of functionality such as detecting any connected external devices, as well as giving users an intuitive viewing experience.

Another thing you should note is however much VIDAA Smart OS is a Linux-based open smart TV operating system; it has the capability to run Android 4.2. 2 Jelly Bean. This means that it can support all those common android apps you know.

Additionally, VIDAA U OS provides additional functionality for the “One Touch Access Remote.” With this functionality, you can access your favorite apps with just one touch of a button. To achieve this, you will need to press one of the dedicated buttons on your TV remote.

How to get the best out of VIDAA U OS

Before we go any further, let us see how you can access the VIDAA U OS on your Hisense TV.

  • Press the Home button on the remote control
  • A ribbon-like list of Smart TV apps will appear
  • You may navigate around this menu using the directional and OK buttons.

Now let’s get started with some of the functionalities VIDAA U OS brings to the table. We shall look at ways of how you can customize your TV hub, the applications you can access via VIDAA U OS, and so on.

How to customize your TV hub

Follow these simple steps below if you need to customize your TV hub

  • Scroll to the right of the icons and choose Edit.
  • Select the icon you want to move by scrolling left or right to find it.
  • Now, you can press up to highlight it before scrolling left or right to reposition it elsewhere
  • In case you need to add a channel or an app to the main list, you will just press ‘down’ to select what you want.
  • In case you make a mistake in the procedures, just press reset to put back everything the way you found them.

VIDAA U Apps to expect

VIDAA U OS offers a fast and easy-to-use interface for you to access a number of apps. Such apps are those that enable you to access the internet, also, providing added functionalities such as YouTube, Netflix, and many more. Let’s see a full list of these apps below.

  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Rakuten TV
  • Freeview Play
  • YouTube
  • ITV Hub
  • BBC iPlayer and more

A Summary

VIDAA is (Linux-based smart TV OS) promised to make Disney+ available on Hisense and Toshiba TVs running its software.

VIDAA OS comes with an added key streaming service that supports Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Pluto TV, Tubi, Xumo, YouTube TV, fuboTV