How to Grow your Startup with WhatsApp

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Over time, you might learn of reviews about how WhatsApp helped particular Startups grow. Most businesses have acknowledged the importance of building a network with customers and you must have come across at least one of your WhatsApp contacts advertising various products and services using a WhatsApp business account. WhatsApp Business is a free-to-download version of the popular messaging app and it was engineered with business and startup owners in mind. The goal primarily was to separate business chats from personal chats and you can have it installed on your handset together with WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Business eases interaction with customers thanks to its various features ranging from automated responses, visual representations of the products in question, and location of the business.

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The other popular features that make it desirable for business owners include the option to set up a business profile, labels that organize chats and messages, and most importantly automated messaging. You can learn how to download it from the Google Play Store and the App Store. This business account has unique features that assist in a startup business and here are the different ways you can grow your startup with WhatsApp.


1. Form Specific-Target Groups

Are you familiar with Facebook Groups? If the answer is Yes, then you can fabricate the same idea on the Whatsapp platform. The WhatsApp Group feature allows users to add up to 512 participants in a goal-oriented chat group. As a start-up, you can create a WhatsApp group with a targeted number of people, of your workmates or frequent customers or clients you supply your merchandise, or potential investors. Hereafter you can share information, product catalog, and press releases to the chat group. Also, you can stir important discussions and feedback from group members. To create a WhatsApp group;

  1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  2. For iPhones tap on the New Group button at the top left corner. For Androids, tap on the More menu icon in the upper left corner and select New Group from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select the participants of the group.
  4. Enter a Group subject.
  5. Tap Create when you’re finished.

As you might have already noticed, you can only add people to the group whose contacts are saved in your address book. However, you might not have enough contacts to add. In such situations, you invite people to join your group voluntarily through a link. All you have to do is copy the link and share it on different platforms or with whoever might be interested to join. Here is how you can generate a WhatsApp group link;

  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group subject. Alternatively, tap and hold the group in the CHATS tab.
  2. Tap Invite via link.
  3. Choose to Send a link via WhatsApp, Copy the link, or Share the link through another app, or QR code. (This can only be done by Group Admins).

If dealing in merchandise or products, ensure you always update the groups formed about new stock, promotional offers, and price changes. forming WhatsApp groups of this nature helps you keep in constant touch with your customers. You are encouraged to use a good camera to take pictures of your products and then pitch them to these WhatsApp groups.

2. Create a Broadcast List

Similar to the Mailing List, the broadcast list is a WhatsApp feature that enables users to send the same message to different contacts at once. Well, you must be accustomed to forwarding the same message to multiple recipients which is tiring. Now that you know about this feature, you get to send newsletters, promotions with images and links and attached multimedia and presentation materials to your WhatsApp contacts in a single tap. How do you create a broadcast list? It is so simple. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap Broadcast Lists at the top of the Chats screen.
  3. Tap New List at the bottom of the Broadcast Lists screen.
  4. Search for or select the contacts you want to add.
  5. Tap Create.
  6. Add text, images, links, documents, videos, location, and click the send button. That’s it, the message will be set to all the selected contacts at a go.

Sending a message to a broadcast list means that the message will be sent to all names on the broadcast list given they have your business number saved in their contact list. You, therefore, need to ensure that each individual on your list has your number saved to their address book otherwise they won’t receive the message. The best thing is that you can send an instant message to up to 256 in one single tap.

Only those who have your WhatsApp number saved can see your WhatsApp statuses. Therefore, at all counts urge individuals to save your business number just like you urge them to follow you on other social apps.

3. Upload Status Displaying your Products

WhatsApp Status is a feature that allows you to post up to 30 status updates that disappear after 24 hours of you uploading them. With this, you can share photos, videos, text, and links related to your business. This feature was originally first launched on Snapchat, however, other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram have ever since followed the trend to introduce a similar feature.

Use this feature to upload nice and clear images and short videos about your startup to promote and attract more customers. Be mindful to upload moderate images as too many images may nag the viewers. Post just enough to make them curious and want to message you with inquiries about prices, but don’t post too much as this might make them feel suffocated. There is no specified number of updates to post as it solely depends on your target market and what you are selling but always ensure not to over or underdo it. You can post a maximumly of 5 status updates per 24 hours. Keep your status window simple and clean.

You need to know that customers are more inclined towards sellers that give regular updates. You, therefore, have to post, daily, since all WhatsApp users will confess to checking their contacts’ status updates daily.

4. Communication and Feedback

WhatsApp is ranked as the most used mobile messenger app in the world with 2 billion active users. Being an instant messaging app, WhatsApp is perfect for communication purposes especially if you looking forward to having an online connection with your clients or customers. Always remember that constructive criticism or appreciation in form of customer feedback can always help you understand what aspects of your business require improvement and where you need to maintain a specific performance.

WhatsApp has incredible features like Chats, Status, and Groups that stir and make communication easier between the Startup and the client. Ordinarily, Startups add telephone numbers and emails as customer care helpline options. Emails sound so official and always entertain response delays. To make a phone call you need to dig deep into your pockets. However, if you add WhatsApp to your customer care helpline options, you get to reach out to customers and allow customers to reach out to you instantly 24/7 at relatively no cost. This is bound to attract more customers who might have had second thoughts and cold feet about your products.

Also, ensure to interact with your customers more frequently, this will help you build a strong relationship with your customers hence growing your startup. There are various ways of doing this. It can be through WhatsApp status as mentioned earlier or you can also choose to text your most frequent buyers updating them about new stock and giveaways. The goal is to keep in constant touch so your chat doesn’t sink to the bottom of the chat list.

5. Marketing and Advertising

As a Startup, you can use the WhatsApp platform for marketing and advertising. Once in a while, throw giveaways related to your products or services, and do massive interactions with your customers and this will prompt other people to also try out your products.

You can make them aware of these promotions and giveaways through WhatsApp status updates, broadcast messages and even texting them personally. You can also ask them to post about your giveaways and promotions on their status so they can help you have a broader reach. The more people you reach, the better for your business.

Be teachable and remember to learn from other businesses that have been using WhatsApp as a marketing tool and borrow ideas from them. If you notice other businesses, whether in the same line as you are or not, that are using WhatsApp to market their products and services, collaborate, share business ideas and copy some that you can use to boost your startup.

With WhatsApp, you can give your startup a personal touch and also offer Real-Time Service to your customers. Solve the customer’s doubts by guiding them on how to use your products, this care will draw them to buy more products again. You can choose to upload tutorials on how to get the best from what you are selling or offer your customers information about your products that they might have a hard time finding.