What is the M-Kopa phone and How to get One in Uganda?

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M-kopa recently added M-kopa phones to its products. This article explains at length what the M-kopa phone is and where you can get the M-kopa phone in Uganda.

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What is the M-kopa Phone?

M-kopa phone is a subscription-based pay-as-you-go phone. This means customers can get a particular phone from M-kopa then pay daily installments. For the first-time purchase, the customer will be required to make a particular down payment, then make daily prescribed payments for 365 days. The phone will be locked each time the customer fails to clear the payment on time.

M-kopa Phones & their Prices in Uganda

Payment Plan NameDepositDaily rateDurationTotal LoanCash 990 days)
MK Phone Nokia C01 Plus Iris Red-con MTN v989,0001,550365 days654,750584,750
MK Phone Nokia C01 Plus Iris Red-Con v889,0001,550365 days654,750584,750
MK Phone Samsung A22 4/64 MTN v4245,0003,700365 days1,595,5001,427,500
MK Phone Samsung A02 3/64 MTN v6145,0002,300365 days984,500880,500
MK Phone Samsung A12 MTN v9189,0003,000365 days1,284,0001,148,000
MK Phone Samsung A03a 4/64 MTN v2179,0002,700365 days1,164,5001,041,500

Requirements needed to get an M-kopa Phone

  1. Valid National identification card or valid passport or valid Driver’s license.
  2. First Deposit (the first deposit differs depending on phone type).

How to get M-kopa Phone in Uganda

1. Visit any authorized M-kopa shop near you with the required requirements.

2. Request your preferred phone and make a down payment.

3. Get a receipt and take your phone home.

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M-kopa Retail Locations

SC NamePhysical Address
M-KOPA UgandaLubowa Estate, Plot 1300-1301
M-KOPA Shop BugiriMain Street Bugiri, Tororo High Way, Bugiri, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop BusiaUnnamed Road, Busia Uganda, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop EntebbeKampala Road, Entebbe, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop IgangaObuja Road, Iganga, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop Jinja22 Lubas Rd, Jinja, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop KakiriKampala-Hoima Rd, Kakiri, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop Kampala6b Burton St, Kampala, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop KamuliKamuli Rd, Kamuli, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop KibogaOff Kapeke Rd, Kiboga, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MasakaMuto Complex, Masaka, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop Mbale5 Pallisa, Mbale, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MbararaKabale – Mbarara Rd, Mbarara, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MpigiUnnamed Road, Mpigi, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop MukonoMukono Taxi Park, Mukono, Uganda
M-KOPA Shop WobulenziKampala-Masindi, Wobulenzi, Uganda

How t0 Contact M-kopa Customer Care in Uganda