How to Get an Opportunity Bank Account Statement Online in Uganda

Get Opportunity Bank Account Statement
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An Opportunity bank account statement is a summary of the financial transactions that occurred in a specified period of time. The statement usually shows account deposits, withdrawals, and the charges deducted from your account. With such detailed information, you can track your spending activity or any suspicious error of missing funds on your account or use statements as a legal document to back your finances. Here is how you can get an Opportunity Bank account statement online in Uganda.

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How to Get an Opportunity Bank Account Statement Online

To view your Opportunity Bank statement online you will need to use either the Opportunity Bank mobile app or the Opportunity Bank mobile banking USSD shortcode (*231#). Whichever medium you choose to use, you need to ensure that your account is registered for Opportunity Bank Ku Siimu mobile banking services and if you plan on using the USSD short code, please use the registered phone number.

Use the Opportunity Bank Mobile App

This method will require the customer to download the app. However, if you have the Opportunity bank app go straight to step 2 and follow the prompts as listed below;

1. Download and install the Opportunity bank mobile app from Google Play Store and App Store.

2. Open the Opportunity Bank mobile app and click Login.

3. Enter Mobile Number and Pin then click the Login button.

4. Tap the three parallel lines on the top left corner of the screen.

5. Click on the My Account option then select My Account Information.

6. Tap on Statement to view details about your financial transaction.

7. The statement will appear on the screen.

Get Opportunity Bank Account Statement

Use the USSD Shortcode

Follow the steps below to view the account statement;

1. Dial *231# and press the call button.

2. Enter the M-Pin.

3. Select a number that corresponds to the Statement option.

4. Choose the account whose statement you want to retrieve.

5. Your account statement will display on your screen.