Free and offline SMS Apps for sending text messages (No internet required)

Free and offline SMS Apps for sending text messages (No internet required) -
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Did you know that there are free and offline SMS Apps for sending text messages? Leave alone default SMS apps that come preinstalled in your phone, there are other free and offline SMS Apps for sending text messages and can save you a great deal of having to subscribe to SMS in order to communicate to your loved ones.

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Sometimes there are cases of emergency and the only thing you can do is to send an instant message. However, unless you have credit on your phone, there’s no way you can send a free message. The free apps I have listed in this article do you this trick of sending messages without having to pay a dime.

No internet required because these are offline apps. They make life easy, you can communicate and give you the freedom of using any kind of emoji in the text messages you send. Below is a list of some of the free and offline SMS Apps for sending text messages across your location.

1. Bridgefy

Free and offline SMS Apps -

Bridgefy is a Bluetooth based application that first needs to establish a Bluetooth connection with other phones that run the same app before you start to send and receive messages to each other. Bridgefy can be used in a range of 300-feet radius among any device that is running the same application.

It is capable of sending text encrypted messages to either individual devices or a group of devices without having to connect to the internet. To some of us who hate registering or creating accounts, the good news here is, bridgefy doesn’t need you to create an account.

You can Download Bridgefy for both Android and iPhone from Google playstore or App store for free.

2. Meshenger

Meshenger - Free and offline SMS Apps -

Another important free SMS App for sending texts to your loved ones without the need for WIFI connection is the Meshenger App. This App only needs you to scan your contact QR-code and start sending each other free text messages as well as free calls all day all night.

The drawback of this app is that it requires you and your recipient (The person you intend to communicate with) to be on the same local area network. Apart from that, it works very well and as well, it doesn’t require any kinds of login.

Meshenger is only available for Android; you can freely download this from the F-droid website.

3. Walkie-Talkie Communication

This is an open communication that is not in any way encrypted, so expect no privacy in such a connection. This app turns your mobile phone into a walkie talkie that allows both of you to exchange messages. Below is how you can set up a connection between two devices.

  • Tune in to any random channel and share that with your friends.
  • Then press and hold the talk button. When it turns green, you can now say whatever you need to say.
  • The other person will do the same if they need to respond to your message.
  • This App is available for both Android and iPhone.

4. Rumble

Rumble uses both WIFI and Bluetooth. This means that in the absence of WIFI, it will still work well with Bluetooth. Rumble supports a range of media such as sending photos, audios and texts without any surveillance of the internet of any security body since it doesn’t require any mobile cellular network.

This is available on Android from the F-droid website.

5. Firechat

This is another interesting offline chatting app that can establish a connection either via Bluetooth or WIFI. Firechat protocol operated by bouncing signals from one device to another until the message reaches its destination.

This means that the more people using Firechat in an area, the faster and better performance of the messaging service. Firechat supports a Max radius of 210 feet and it supports a peer-t-peer kind of communication.

Firechat is available on for free download on UpToDown website.

6. Hike (Closed Down)

Hike is an awesome tool cable of so many features and among those is the offline texting service. It both uses the internet and offline services. When you text a person who has turned off his internet connection, Hike will deliver this message via an offline service just like any other text message.

It’s mostly used in places away from the city where internet connection is a problem and yet people must exchange information which is encrypted.