How to Fix ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ Error on Netflix

How to Fix ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ Error on
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Netflix, the leading video streaming service, offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, and games for its subscribers. With its seamless accessibility across various platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop operating systems, Netflix has become the go-to entertainment source for millions. However, encountering the ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ error message can be frustrating. This guide aims to help you understand the cause of this error and provides step-by-step instructions to fix it.

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Understanding the ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ Error Message

When you come across the error message ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ on Netflix, it means that the account owner has imposed restrictions on the movie or TV show you’re attempting to watch. This restriction might stem from shared account passwords, which can lead to such issues. It’s crucial to note that this error doesn’t entail a ban or a broader restriction on your account. It merely indicates that you need to contact the account owner to lift the block.

Furthermore, the maturity rating associated with a profile can also trigger this error. If the account owner has set a specific maturity rating for a profile, only content that aligns with that rating will be accessible to that profile.

How to Fix ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ Error on

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Steps to Fix the ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ Error

If you encounter the ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ error while trying to watch a particular video on Netflix, here’s a straightforward solution to address it:

Adjust Maturity Levels for a Profile and Unblock Titles

  1. Launch Netflix on your computer and log in to your account. Select the Netflix profile where you’re experiencing the error.
  2. On the main screen, click on your Profile picture, and from the dropdown menu, choose “Accounts.”
  3. On the Accounts page, locate and expand the profile you’re using. Click on the “Change” button next to “Viewing Restrictions.”
  4. On the Viewing Restrictions page, review and adjust the maturity rating as needed.
  5. In the Title Restrictions section of the same page, identify the blocked Movies & TV Shows. If the video you intend to watch is blocked, click the (x) button next to the title to unblock it.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully resolve the ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ error message on Netflix.


By understanding the ‘This Title Can’t Be Played’ error and its causes, as well as implementing the steps to fix it, you’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite content on Netflix. Additionally, being aware of solutions for other related errors, such as network connectivity issues, will enhance your overall streaming experience.