Fitness Apps: Which One is Right for You?

Best fitness Apps
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Not everyone likes going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit! Fitness apps allow you to exercise from home or on the go, and with the variety of options available, you can design an effective fitness routine that suits your needs and preferences perfectly. But how do you know which app to choose? Read on for tips on picking the best fitness app for your lifestyle and goals.

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BodyBuilding Apps

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There are dozens of apps out there just for people who want to stay in shape. These are the apps you need to look out for you however need to keep in mind that these require a great deal of commitment and dedication. Most of them have diet and workout plans from which you can pick one that suits you. The results of using the apps are however very rewarding as they help to improve your mental and physical shape. Examples of such Apps include JEFIT, Fitnotes, Pro Gym Workout, etc.

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Walking Apps

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If you need extra motivation to head out and hit your daily step goal, then walking apps are great. Many of these use GPS to track your route or provide a map of nearby routes. Some even have features that allow you to share your stats with friends. They make it much simpler to keep track of workouts and your hydration stats all on your device. Examples include Walkmeter GPS, Footpath Route Planner, MapMyWalk GPS, etc.

Yoga Apps

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Most Yoga apps have a reminder which is a great tool that is used to help you keep tabs on personal practice. While many people may have started their journey with yoga by following along with videos, there’s no denying that having a yoga app can create accountability, motivation, and inspiration all at once. In order to get any of these benefits, however, you need to find a yoga app that will help give you just what you need. Examples include Gaia, Down Dog, Daily Yoga, etc.

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Basic Workout Apps

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A great place to start with health and fitness apps is a more basic app, like one of those found in an app store category called fitness. These apps tend to track only calories burned or steps taken, but can be good motivators for beginning users. There are numerous free options available, but some may require payment if you want additional features or don’t have in-app ads. The apps also let you create goals and track your activity over time on your phone, including monitoring how well you’re sleeping and what kind of foods make you feel full or tired. Examples include; FitBit Coach, Nike Training Club, CARROT Fit, etc

Weight Loss Fitness Apps

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If you’re looking to lose weight and have already made a decision to take up a dedicated exercise routine, it’s time to find some motivational help. There are many free weight loss apps available for download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. These tools can provide you with step-by-step workout routines that include videos and even music, depending on which one you choose. Some apps also have diet plans that you can take on in your daily routines. Examples include PlateJoy,WW app,Fitbit app ,etc.

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Either way, no matter what app you choose, it’s important to be consistent with your exercise schedule so that it truly becomes part of your lifestyle. Even small changes like changing your diet can help improve our health and well-being!