Tips to filter important messages from WhatsApp chats

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Do you have so many groups and contacts, and are overwhelmed with the number of chats to scroll through in search of the most important? Suffer no more; these are the tips to filter important messages from WhatsApp chats.

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Using these tips to filter important messages from WhatsApp chats will make WhatsApp the easiest app to use since it will enable you to highlight the most vital chats and focus on those rather than rows of so many other chats that aren’t that important. Below are the tricks to use;

Four tips to filter important messages from WhatsApp chats

1. Use the Mute option

Mute groups that are not so important compared to other groups. Muting a group shall disable notifications from that particular group or contact. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Launch WhatsApp and go to the group chat section
  • Long press on the group chat you intend to mute,
  • A number of options will appear on the header, Pin, Hide, and archive, ignore all those and select the volume icon.
  • Another menu will appear prompting you to select the duration of the mute, check the last one at the bottom which says 1 years and press Ok.


  • Open the group chat you intend to mute
  • Press the setting button at the top right corner and select Group information
  • Scroll down and turn on mute notification.
  • Select the duration of muting and tap Ok.

2. Assign Custom ringtones

WhatsApp allows you to assign custom ringtones to any chat of your interest. Doing this will notify you when a specific contact has sent you a message. This makes it easy for you to follow up. To do this, follow the steps below for Android;

  • To do this, make sure you have the latest WhatsApp version
  • Launch WhatsApp and go to the cha you intend to customize
  • Click on the menu in the top right corner and select view contact
  • Scroll down to find custom notification, tap on it and select your preferred notification type.
  • Save changes and close the tab. You will always be notified in case you receive a message from this chat.

For IPhone, follow the steps below

  • Launch WhatsApp by tapping on the icon in apps section
  • Choose the group whose notification you want to change and open group information
  • Scroll down for more and find custom notifications. Tap on it for a list of notifications to be displayed.
  • Select you preferred notification and saved the changes.

3. Use high priority notification feature

Make use of the WhatsApp high priority notification feature. This provision is available for all chats and group chat and it enables previews of available messages in the notification bar. You can decide to disable it for the rest of the other chats and group chats you think aren’t important so you will never receive a notification from them.

4. Set custom notification light

Lastly, WhatsApp also provides the ability for you to set notification light style for every chat and groups’ notifications that you think are too important to be missed. Whenever you have a notification from a specific chat, the type of light you specified will appear on the screen. These settings are found under the custom setting in your WhatsApp.


Whenever you need a customized notification for your chats, the above tips are suitable for your preference. Never miss any important message from your chats just because they are likely to get lost among a flood of so many others.