There is Something Unusual With This New FIFA Game, FIFA 19

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Every year in September, FIFA releases a new series of this branded game, FIFA, but it’s been absurd that every year it’s the same story, same features, and we always weep while we buy. However, there is something unusual with this new FIFA game, FIFA 19. If we talked about the game mechanics, perhaps it doesn’t change every year, but the game play has obviously changed, it’s an improvement anyway according to the previous changes made in FIFA 17 and 18.

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EA of recent had failed to get the Champions League and Europa League image rights from Konami and since then PES series had out-stood EA via gameplay, even then it couldn’t completely out-compete EA’s rights to use the names, kits and stadia of major foot balling royalty. This simply means FIFA 19 officially is equipped with a Champions League mode, music and all that missing in the earlier series of FIFA games.


FIFA 19 is a complete world football experience, the flow is better, and your AI teammates make appropriate runs to get into a better position to either score or make deadly passes. However, this doesn’t mean that FIFA 19 is easier to play, but its complications vary from one person to another and your preferences matter, anyway.


FIFA fans may have just got their first look at this year’s Ultimate Team cards after the design appears to have been leaked online; we can all see this that the cards changed. For example, the image that shows Kylian Mbappe’s card from the upcoming game is completely designed with a few tweaks that give it a different feel from FIFA 18.


The big change here is the rating, which now in line with the surname, and no longer at the top left. It also features a black background to help it stand out. Italian publication Gazzetta Della Sport reported that FIFA 19 will also include the full rights to the Serie A and Coppa Italia.

There is a host of new gameplay features and tweaks set to arrive in this year’s game. If you tap Circle or B just as your foot hits the ball, you massively increase the chance of striking it into the top corner. It’s all about timing, so get it wrong and you’ll be punished with a scuffed shot.

Game plans have been introduced this year which are set up before a match. Here, you can set what tactics your team will use in certain situations such as if they’re 1-0 up or losing a match, when you get a red card, when you score, when attacking and when being attacked. Once you have made the plans, simply assign to a D-pad press and your AI team will follow the selected game play.


To me, this is the best FIFA ever. The addition of new kickoff modes has greatly improved on the game play. For now, FIFA 19 is the best foot balling game ever, and it’s worth spending your penny.