Everything to know about MTN Business internet Uganda

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Everything to know about MTN Business internet Uganda. High bandwidth and high-speed internet are what MTN Uganda’s Business Internet service offers.

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There are a number of ways the internet is delivered. For instance, there is the internet for your business over fiber. With fiber, you do not share your bandwidth with anyone else.

Thus, MTN Uganda warrants dependable, 24/7 direct connectivity to the internet. Adaptable to suit your desired requirements. This service is an excellent solution for home and business use and enables you to search, stream, look up, and download anything from the internet at any time.

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This internet is very reliable. And not shared like the 3G or 4G internet that is delivered to your mobile device. Shared internet becomes a problem when the number of people you are sharing with becomes too many. When they are too many, the internet speed becomes too slow and frustrating to use.

MTN Business internet is supported by geographically redundant internet upstream links.

Benefits of MTN Business internet services:

  • Balanced bandwidth capacities (same capacity on uplink and downlink)
  • You get unlimited data volume.
  • You also get access to a monitoring tool for your Internet link.

– Advertisement –MTN Uganda’s Dedicated Internet allows users to manage their websites and social apps, connect surveillance cameras, backup valuable information, web-conference, and research, connect to cloud-based services and live streaming in addition to sending and receiving email.

Everything to know about MTN Business internet Uganda

Internet cost and installation of MTN Business internet

The cost depends on your business needs. They are offered in packages. So, depending on what you think your business needs, you have to choose a package that will fit those needs.

For fiber connection, it will cost you UGX 100,000 provided you live near a current MTN fiber line.

There are also several packages to choose from but you have to contact the business solutions team to get your estimate. You can get 10 Mbps for UGX 179,000 and 40 Mbps for UGX 279,000. It is important to also note that this solution is scalable. Meaning you can increase your bandwidth as the need arises.