How to Enable Battery Saver Mode in Google Chrome

How to Enable Battery Saver Mode in Google
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Google Chrome has a setting called Battery Saving that is designed to cut down on the browser’s power use. Those who use their laptops or other portable devices for long periods of time while surfing the web will appreciate this function. When Chrome’s Battery Saver mode is activated, the browser automatically makes changes to its settings in order to conserve battery life. These adjustments include disabling unnecessary background processes, decreasing the playback of animations and videos, and adjusting how often the browser checks for updates.

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User-initiated activation of Battery Saving mode is supported, as is automatic activation whenever the battery level drops below a specified threshold. Especially on older smartphones or those with lower batteries, this function may have a huge impact on battery life when used. To save power, however, certain functions and capabilities may be blocked or limited when in Battery Saver mode, which might affect your browsing experience.

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Steps on How to Enable Google Chrome Battery Saver Mode

  • Click on the three-dot icon in Chrome‚Äôs browser and click Settings.
Enable Battery Saver Mode in Google Chrome: Go to Chrome Settings
Go to Chrome Settings
  • On the right side of the chrome settings toolbar, click on Performance.
Select Performance
Select Performance
  • Under the performance page, go to Power. You will have the ability to toggle Energy Saver on or off, as well as choose the events that will cause it to activate.
Select the Energy Saver option you want
Select the Energy Saver option you want

You have a choice between two different scenarios here for when Chrome will activate its Energy Saving feature: either when the remaining charge on your laptop battery is 20% or less, or whenever the device is disconnected. Select the first option if you want to use the feature only when your laptop’s battery is almost out of juice, and select the second option if you want to maximize the amount of time you can use your laptop while it is powered by its battery.


Battery Saving mode is an effective option for internet users who want to maximize their battery life. It may help increase battery life and boost overall performance by cutting power consumption and optimizing resource utilization.