Everything you need to know about Eazzy Banking app for Equity Bank

Equity bank app
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If you’re an equity bank customer you may probably have heard of the Eazzy Banking app which is Equity bank’s mobile app. Next to Equi Duuka, the mobile banking app is another innovation that brings convenience to Equity bank customers.

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I have used the mobile app for the last three years and in this article, I want to share with you things you need to know about Equity’s banking app “Eazzy app” and how you can register for an account and use the app for your banking needs.

Eazzy Mobile Banking app

Eazzy Mobile Banking app as you may already know is Equity’s mobile banking app that provides convenience for equity bank customers, the mobile banking app allows customers to withdraw money via the app as compared to going to ATMs which may sometimes be far away from the customer’s locations.

The mobile banking app provides other options such as buy airtime, pay bills, school fees, transfer money from one bank account to another within and outside Equity bank, withdraw money via MTN mobile money, and many others, all this being done via your smartphone.

How to register for Eazzy Banking app in Uganda


  • First, to access the Eazzy Banking app you need to be an Equity bank customer.
  • You should be having an equity bank account of a sort
  • You should have a smartphone

Next, Download the Eazzy Banking app on Google Playstore or App store

After downloading the app, you will need to visit any of your nearest Equity bank branches to activate your account for mobile banking.

After your account has been authorized for mobile banking (registered), you’ll be required to log in, the first time is usually the hardest since you will be requested a lot of information, but here are the key things to guide you on this.

  • Use your account bank account number
  • Use a phone number that was authorized for mobile banking
  • Use your equity bank name
  • For national ID number, use card number, not NIN, and the rest of details such birth date & others should be the same as that you used opening your Equity bank account.

Once you have successfully registered and logged in, you can now view the status of your bank account and do many other things with your Equity mobile banking app.

How to use Eazzy banking app

Download Eazzy banking app from Google play or Apple store

Launch app on your phone

If it’s your first time and you have completed registration above:-

  • Select your country & preferred language
  • And register with details you used to enable mobile banking from the bank

If it’s not first time, login by:-

  • Tap the Login button or use fingerprint scanner if you set it up
  • Enter correct m-banking PIN and you’ll be logged in successfully
How to use Eazzy banking app

You can now check your account status, withdraw & send money and as well pay for bills with the Eazzy banking app using your account bank account.

How to activate Eazzy banking for your equity account

  • Launch your app on the phone
  • Select your country & Language of your choice and tap Get started
  • Enter your Equity account number & ID number (This is your national ID card no.)
  • Accept terms of service & privacy policy
  • And click the Continue button, wait for verification code by SMS to your registered mobile banking number.
  • After verification, Enter your M-banking pin provided to you from the bank
  • Done, Login should be successful by now

Note: You can add as many Equity bank accounts as you wish to manage as long as they belong to you.

How to get a loan from Eazzy banking app

To request for loan on Eazzy banking app, follow steps below

  • Launch your Eazzy bank app and log in
  • At right bottom corner, select the “+” icon and tap Request loan from the options available
  • Wait for the service as it loads
  • Request for loan: Enter the amount you need and the bank account the credit will be debited
  • Next check your loan details: A slider will show you the duration of the loan, amount to be paid back and other related details
  • Confirm details: Make sure every detail you provided is correct
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • You’ll receive an SMS notification confirming whether the application was successful or not

Note: To get a loan with Eazzy banking app, your account should have been active for the last 6 month and you can get a loan of up to UGX 10M (this may differ from user to user)

What else can you do on Eazzy banking app

Send Money with Eazzy banking app

With Eazzy banking app, you can send money instantly by transferring to your own account, another Equity bank account, other bank accounts, and also to MTN mobile money numbers.

Note: Eazzy banking app accepts sending only to mtn mobile money at the moment and without airtel.

Some of the banks you can transfer money from eazzy banking include:- Barclays Bank, Bank of Baroda, Stanbic Bank, DFCU, Tropical Bank, Standard chartered bank, Orient Bank, Bank of Africa, Centenary Bank, Cairo bank, DTB, Citi Bank, KCB, UBA, EcoBank, ABC Capital Bank, Exim Bank, Bank of India, NC Bank, Commercial bank of Africa, Finance Trust Bank, Bank of Uganda and Housing Finance Bank.

Send Money with Eazzy banking app

Withdraw Money from Eazzy Bank app

There are two ways you can withdraw money with your Eazzy banking app

  1. Withdraw from Agent

Here you need to find the closest EquiDuuka agent and use their merchant ID to withdraw money. They will help you withdraw money using their version of the app.

  • Open your Eazzy banking app and in the right bottom corner, tap “+” icon
  • Select withdraw Cash
  • Select to withdraw from agent
  • Enter Agent’s Number and tap Next
  • Enter the amount and tap Next
  • You’ll receive a secret code which is given to an agent to help you withdraw money on your eazzy bank app.
  1. Withdraw from ATM – This method allows you to withdraw money from any of your preferred nearest ATMs.
Withdraw money from equity bank eazzy app

Pay Bills with Eazzy banking app

The Eazzy Banking app provides for customers a convenient way to pay for bills in categories such as utilities, schools & universities, churches, government & tax payments, eCommerce and online payments, microfinance & SACCOs, FMCG & distributors, and money others.

Pay Bills with Eazzy banking app

Pay Goods & Services

You can also pay for goods and services by scanning QR code at authorized merchant centers. To check authorized merchant centers, you’ll need to tap search and they’ll bring you a list of all authorized merchants and their merchant IDs whom you can payout for goods and services.

Pay Goods & Services with eazzy banking app

Buy Airtime

You can alternatively buy Airtime for Africell, Airtel & MTN using Eazzy banking app.

Buy Airtime

Show ATM locations

Within the app, you can view various equity bank ATMs and choose which of those is closest to you.

Show ATM locations

Check account bank balance

Eazzy Banking app allows its users to check their equity bank account balance online through the mobile app. All you need is to download the app and log in to view the status of your bank account.