Download movies from Pahe (Full season download with a single link)

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There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of movie download sites out there today, and a lot of them are free. But today, we look at one site that I’ve found to have an unrivaled database of movies, series, dramas, and documentaries in different languages that can be accessed and downloaded for free.

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The site I vouch for today and that I use almost every day is

As you proceed through this article, I will take you through the different requirements needed and the steps taken to access and effectively download movies from Pahe.

Since the site provides its services for free and still needs to make money, there are a number of ads at every step of the process, and some could say there are too many ads. One could give up if one didn’t know what was at the end of the tunnel.

But you fear not because I got a quick free fix for you.


Stop annoying ads when downloading movies from Pahe

A way to cut these ads dramatically is to add or install an adblocker extension on your browser. I use AdBlock Plus, which can be found in the chrome web store, but you can use any that you’re familiar with or have access to.

To install AdBlock plus, go to your browser’s web store, in my case being the chrome web store, and search for the “Adblock plus.”

Then click on the Add to chrome button displayed on Adblock plus. And confirm the extension installation from the prompt displayed.

You’ll then be able to see your adblocker at the right top corner of your browser or the section where extensions appear.

Now that you have an ad blocker, we are all set up to start exploring

Steps to download movies from

Search for a movie

Begin by typing the site’s URL,

You’ll be able to view the site’s home page as shown below.

You can then use the search bar at the top right corner of the site to browse the site of the movie or series of your choice.

My movie of choice in this article will be BloodShot and I’ll use it to take you through the download process.

After searching, you’ll be able to click on the movie if it’s in the site’s database

Pahe provides you with an option to download your movie in different qualities including 480p, 720p, and 1080p as the most common ones each varying in size respectively as shown

blood shot listing

The site also provided different download mechanisms including UTB, GD, MG, LU, among others depending on the movie. But in this article, I’ll elaborate on the easiest, free and fastest mechanism to download movies from and that is GD or call it using google drive.

Generate a download link

It is a general assumption that almost everyone on the internet today has a Gmail account and therefore owns a google drive and so the rest of the article shows how you can use your google drive to download movies and series from

So the next step in this process involves you clicking on the GD button below the movie quality of your choice, in my example being 480p.

pahe download options

If your adblocker is in place, this takes you to another page that looks something like (Sweetlantern/Intercelestial);

robot check

On this page, click on the “I’m not a robot” button, the page will reload. Still, the same page, click on the ”Generate link” button. This will reload this page the final time to bring you the “Download” button at the bottom of the page.

On clicking on the “Download” button, this will take you to another page that looks something like;

Spacetica continue button

This page is usually spacetica and has a “continue” button at the bottom of the page. On clicking on this button, your adblocker blocks a lot of pop up pages if it’s in place but if it fails, click continue until you get to the page

Grant Google drive access (You only do this on your first-time use)

On this page, click on the “Login to download” button.

prompting to login

If its the first time, you’re using Klop, it requires you to get a code as shown below

On the next generated page, choose a google account you want to use, Klop then asks for access to your google account to be able to transfer the movie there, click “Allow” to give Klop access.

granting klop access to google drive

Copy the code that appears, and go back to the “get code” tab and paste the code there. After pasting the code, click on the “Confirm” button” and this will reload the page to show you;

pasting code

Click on the “Generate download link” button and this will reload the page to show you the “Download button” you then have to click.

Actual download

On the new page, ignore the message that says ” We’re processing this video. Check back later or download the video now ” and click on the “Download” button that shows up on this page, and this will take you to the final download page that looks something like.

On this Google drive page, you’ll be told that your file is too large to be scanned for viruses if its larger than 100Mbs.

So click on the “Download Anyway” button and this will automatically start your download using your browser or will prompt your download manager to start downloading if you have one installed.

downloading from google drive

And though this process appears to have been lengthy, trust me when I say it is worth is it when you see the speed at which your movie downloads from Google drive

If you are not a first-time user, or if you are already logged into Klop. steps x to xii will be skipped and the rest of the steps remain the same

Now that you have beared with me to the end of this article, please enjoy using this site.

And I promise the more you use it, the less lengthy the process will appear because the prize at the end is worth the struggle

Note: Klop transfers files to your Google account therefore after downloading the movie to your computer, log in to your google drive and delete it, as it will continue to use up your space.