How to Download o2tvseries movies

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I like watching series a lot, so for my fellow movie fanatics, I wrote you a full guide on how to download tv series from o2tvseries.

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To us, the movie fanatics, finding websites from where to download movies and series means a lot especially if it’s a free website.

A lot of websites try to provide series but they all have their cons, some have a lot of advertisements, some don’t have enough of the series and others are pranks, so you just won’t find a download link.

If you’re one of those who first tried out todaytvseries2 already and were not satisfied then o2tvseries should work for you.

if you have never heard of o2tvseries, or probably you did hear about it but you don’t know what it is and what exactly happens there.

O2tvseries is a website that provides a number of series that visitors can either stream directly from the site or download to either a computer or a mobile phone for offline viewing.

What I like about O2tvseries

  • They have both the latest and old series. You will find series that range from Jack Bauer’s 24 to the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, I guess I should even download 24 and watch it one more time.
  • The website has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Series are organized in an orderly way. Their series are organized in alphabetical, so you can imagine how easy and fast you can navigate through the series you would want to download.
  • New releases appear on top, so you won’t have to browse through a number of pages before finding the latest episodes of that Game of Thrones season 8.
  • Various video qualities are available. These range from 3gp to mp4 videos, not to mention that it also provides videos specifically for mobile phones in case you want to download on to a mobile phone.
  • Custom Google search. The site has a custom Google search that returns results from both their sites which include; tvshows4mobile (for mobile) and o2tvseries(for pc).

Wait, am I talking too much. But I had to tell you what to expect so you won’t expect too much. Anyway, let’s dive into the downloading tv series from o2tvseries.

I’ve provided two subheadings, one is for downloading tv series from o2tvseries on a pc while the other is for downloading tv series from o2tvseries on mobile.

How to download o2tvseries movies on a computer

As I told you earlier, the site is divided into two, one is for mobile users and the other is for computer users.

Visit the site at

The homepage contains two sections namely; the recently added and the general tv series collection.

In the Recently Added section, you will find the latest episodes of the tv series. The episodes listed here are not clickable, however.

Search for series on o2tvseries

To download an episode, you can either scroll down to the section where all the tv series are listed alphabetically or you can just use the search bar which I actually prefer using.

Take for instance if you want to download an episode from Game of Thrones, enter “Game of Thrones” in the search field and press enter.

From the search results, ignore the ones that link to tvshows4mobile (it’s a site for mobile users) and click on the most appropriate result which links to o2tvseries.

search results for game of thrones on o2tvseries

Navigate to the desired episode

In case the results don’t lead to the exact season or episode you want to download, the top section provides navigation to the root directory of the series from which you can browse a specific season and episode.

game of thrones on o2tvseries

Select video quality

After browsing through and opening the episode you want to download, you’ll be asked to choose a download quality. I recommend an mp4 file.

download qualities on o2tvseries

Click on the file and on the next page you’ll be asked to enter a displayed caption to prove that you are human, and then click continue to download

For some browsers, the download will start automatically while for others, the video will start playing right away. So if the video starts playing instead of downloading, press Ctrl+S and save the file.

This will start the download right away.

How to download o2tvseries movies on mobile.

Visit the site at tvshows4mobile

The website homepage is divided into two sections, the Recently Added episodes, and the general series collection.

Search for series

If you locate a series that you like from the recently added section, head over to the search bar and enter the series title.

For example, if you want to download Arrow season 7, you’ll enter “Arrow season 7” and then click the search button.

From the list of results, click on the appropriate one with a link to tvshows4mobile.

search results for tvshows4mobile

Navigate to the desired episode

If the result doesn’t lead to the exact episode you want to download, use the navigation at the top to move to the root directory of the series and then choose the desired episode.

arrow on o2tvseries

Choose video quality

After choosing a season and episode, you’ll be required to choose a download quality. I recommend an mp4 file.

download qualities on o2tvseries

On occasions, it requires you to verify that you are human by entering a displayed caption.

After entering the caption, click on continue to download, and when it starts playing the video, long press on the player and click download.

However, in some browsers, the download will automatically without playing the video.


When o2tvseries opens unnecessary tabs when you click on a link, just close and click again, these are site advertisements from which they earn to continue providing this free service.