Download FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version (v9.52) 2024

FM WhatsApp
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This Mod of WhatsApp has got more unlimited features and personal customization options than any other versions around making it the most famous version because of its extra features.

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Features Of The Latest FM WhatsApp application

FMWhatsApp provides Hide Online Status, Hide Blue Ticks, Hide Second Tick, Hide Writing Tick, Hide Recording Status, Hide View Status, etc. When you use the FM WhatsApp application you can notice many features of this application.

Let’s check the best Features Of the FM WhatsApp Application and What’s new in this Application. Here we have listed the 21 best Features of FMWhatsApp that you may need to check before using it.

  • Send Auto reply with FM WhatsApp like WhatsApp Business Application.
  • Whatsapp Group Video call Feature Added.
  • Mute annoying friends chat by group chat lock. This feature is available on this version.
  • Send video size up to a maximum of 1GB.
  • It has a theme store with hundreds of styles to download.
  • Supports audio and video calling
  • Anyone’s status can be copied and pasted.
  • Adds up more characters in your status field.
  • There is no need to load the media preview.

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Features of FM WhatsApp

This version makes it possible to run multiple WhatsApp accounts without any extra installations and comes with multiple features as discussed below.

1. Privacy: It has a privacy setting mods for hiding or faking last seen, blue tick, online status, and many others. You can use an always-online mod to show people online status even though you are offline.

2. Messaging: A user can have two different accounts on the same host device making multiple messaging easier.

3. Theme modifications: It has various theme stores with over 100 styles that can be downloaded.
4. It shows “Online/Last Seen” on the main screen which is suitable for making quick resolutions.
5. The status field adds up to 250 Characters in total
6. Copying and pasting anyone’s status is also supported.
7. There is no need of loading for media previews as they appear automatically once opened.
8. Data size sent or received – One can send or receive a media size of up to 1GB which is not possible with any other current version of WhatsApp.
9. One can also change the app launcher and notifications icon and also supports big emojis.
10. New User interface: Fm Whatsapp supports video and audio calling with a new User Interface.

11. Auto reply: You can recall and group your WhatsApp messages and can also send auto replies to a particular chat selected.

How to download and install FM WhatsApp

This version may be downloaded from these sites.

To install FMWhatsApp, installation from ‘Unknown sources’ must be turned on from the security settings as shown in the screenshot below.

For the installation of the new WhatsApp version, go to your file manager first and then to the download folder, select the FM WhatsApp APK and run it.

From there, you can follow the steps for verification.

Step one.

  • Tap on the APK file to see the install option.

Step two

  • After the installation is done, open FM WhatsApp.

Step three

  • Tap on the ‘Agree and continue’ button from where a mobile number is requested for confirmation.

Moving from the official WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp is very easy but some people may think it is difficult and may lead to the loss of their old chats.

A simple guide to help you move to FMWhatsApp without losing your chat history is here.

The steps are listed below.

Step 0ne

Before starting, back up your chats first from settings>Chats>Chat Backup

Step two

Now install FMWhatsApp and follow the previous procedure for direct installation on your phone.

Step three.

As soon as the installation is done, you have to open and tap on ‘Agree and Continue

Step four.

Now tap on ‘Copy WhatsApp data‘ to copy the previous backup data so as to restore the old chats.

Step five.

Next, you can verify your mobile number and you will be able to see your old chats


FM Whatsapp offers interesting extended functions making it more desirable than the original app. Some of the advantages of FM Whatsapp are described in the features and some are listed below.

  1. There is much-improved control of privacy in association with the people we chat or share statuses with as there are selective privacy settings options.
  2. Unlike the normal version of WhatsApp which allows only one account, FM WhatsApp supports the use of two accounts at the same time.
  3. The various customization options are useful in making the interface as personal and touching as possible.
  4. You can use an always-online mod to show people online status even though you are offline.


1. There’s no way of knowing if our data end up in the hands of third parties.

2. Important security aspects may be unprotected and put at risk due to a late update since updates always fall behind those of the official app.

3. It is vulnerable to hacking