How to Download and Print TSC Payslip and P9 Form

How to Download and Print TSC Payslip and P9
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Members of the Teachers Service Commission(TSC) can now download their payslips and P9 KRA forms from the TSC website. Members of the TSC are mostly teachers. The payslip or the T-Pay enables teachers who have registered with TSC online to be able to access their payslips online. The P9 form is used when filing individual income tax returns online. Income tax is a tax that is imposed on income derived from business, pensions, and interests among others. There is a very simple way how one can download and print the TSC Payslip and P9 Form.

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  1. Your TSC number
  2. Your password
  3. Access to a computer/smartphone with an internet service.

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Before we proceed, please note that only members that have registered with the TSC online are eligible to download and print TSC payslips or the P9 form.

How do I print my TSC payslip?

How to Download and Print TSC Payslip and P9

1. Visit the TSC T-PAY website to access the login page.

2. Enter your TSC number as your username.

3. Enter your password and then log in.

4. On the dashboard select view payslip.

5. On the right side select the year and the month of the payslip you want and then click on view payslip.

6. The payslip is then displayed whereby you can now print.

How do I download the P9 form from TSC?

1. Visit the TSC website.

2. Enter your TSC number for your username.

3. Enter your password and click on the login button.

4. After successfully logging in, click on the P9 form link.

5. The P9 form will be displayed whereby you can view or print it.

Quick Note: The P9 form is generated by the employer i.e the Teachers Service Commission for all teachers working under the Commission. Every month, TSC deducts a given amount of money from a teacher’s earnings; this amount is called income tax or simply Pay As You Earn (PAYE). This amount is reflected on a teacher’s payslip that can be accessed online and is indicated as PAYE Auto.