Disable Fast User Switching Windows 10 With This Trick

Fast user switching windows 10
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This article is going to walk you through how to disable fast user switching windows 10 case.

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Fast user switching is a feature in windows 10 that allows different users to switch accounts without interruption of what the other was doing.

Take an example if you’re watching a movie and your friend needs to access certain files in his windows account, fast user switching windows 10 can then come into play.

This feature could be very useful if it wasn’t consuming a lot of system resources such as the RAM, processor and disk space by the other users.

The other issue that can result from the fast user switching windows 10 feature is the loss of unsaved files by users who already signed in.

Nevertheless, if you think this feature wasn’t solely intended to be helpful to you, windows 10 provides two options to disable fast user switching.

The following methods will be very helpful if you want to disable fast user switching windows 10.

Disable fast user switching windows 10 using Registry

If you’re using windows 10 home, it may be impossible to locate Local group policy editor as thus this method may be quit helpful than the next one.

Important to Note: Editing the windows registry is very risky since once done badly you may not recover your windows installation. As thus I recommend backing up your entire Windows 10 file using Aomei Backupper software.

To disable Fast User Switching using the Registry, do the following

  1. Hold Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box
  2. Enter the phrase “regedit and click Ok to open registry. Press Yes on warning dialog box.
open run command

3. Enter the following path below in the path bar as shown below.


4. Scroll and tap on System, Right Click mouse and select New > DWORD (32-bit) value

Select DWORD local policy

5. Name the file  HideFastSwitching and press Enter.

Hide Fast Switching

6. Double Click the created file and change value data from 0 to 1.

7. Press Ok.

After successfully completing all the above steps, reboot your PC. You’ll not be able to see the option of switching users on windows 10.

However, if you want to re-enable fast user switching windows 10, on step 4 instead of changing the value to 1 change it to 0.

Or else you can simply delete the HideFastSwitching registry file we created in step 5 above.

Disable fast user switching windows 10 using Group policy

Hold the windows key + R and Run command window will pop up

Enter the command “gpedit.msc” and press OK

In the local Global Policy editor than opens up, browse the following path.  Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Logon

On the right side, double-click the Hide entry points for Fast User Switching policy.

A Hide entry points for Fast User Switching window will pop up, Select Enabled option, tap Apply and press OK.

disable fast user switching windows 10

For the above steps to take place, you’ll be required to restart your PC. The user won’t see the fast user switching option next time they restart the PC.

Similarly they will be required to save their work before they can switch accounts on windows 10.

You can as well enable Fast user switching windows 10 by Hide entry points for Fast user Switching to Not configured in step 5.


Hope this solution very helped. Take note that this solution doesn’t necessarily mean that Fast User switching has been removed from your Windows 10 PC.

The above procedures simply hide the Fast user switching option in the task bar, start menu or even the start screen prompting the user to save their files before switching to another account.