How to Delete Telegram Messages by Date or Date Range

How to delete Telegram messages by date or date
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This post shows how to delete telegram messages by date or date range. Deleting Telegram messages by date can be helpful for several reasons: Firstly, you could want to free up space on the device. Telegram stores all the messages on the device; over time, the number of messages can become large and take up a significant amount of storage space.

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Secondly, you could want to keep the chat history organized and tidy. Telegram conversations can become cluttered and difficult to navigate if there are many messages. By deleting messages that are no longer needed, it can be easier to find specific messages later.

Thirdly, you could want to maintain privacy and security. Telegram messages can contain sensitive information, and it may be necessary to delete these messages to maintain the privacy or to protect against potential security threats.

Fourthly, you could want to clean up the chat history before leaving a group or a channel.

And lastly, to avoid accidentally sending old messages again. Read on to find out how to go about it.

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Delete Telegram Messages by Date Range

1. So as to delete multiple messages on Telegram, open the conversation with the contact and tap on any date in the chat to access the calendar.

2. You will see the date bar appearing right above the first message for a specific date. And it’s available on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Once you click on the date bar, the calendar will appear.

Quick Note: The telegram calendar comes with a straightforward design, and users can click on any date to view the sent and received messages on that date. Additionally, the Telegram calendar has a Select Days feature, which works only for one-on-one chats.

3. Once the calendar is displayed, it allows the user to pick specific dates (from and to). After selecting the dates, users can tap on the Clear History option to permanently delete all messages sent and received during the chosen date range.

4. Next, a pop-up window will appear asking users if they want to delete the messages for the other person too. Users can also select the Enable Auto Delete option, which, if activated, permanently deletes every new message exchanged with that particular contact on Telegram after a set amount of time.