How to Delete Any Photo and Post on Instagram Directly

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Instagram is a video and photo sharing technology, and network application whose owners are Facebook, Inc. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger coded and started this application as a cooperation Instagram, in San Francisco, who launched it on October 6, 2010. This application has so far won several awards and among a few, the Shortly Award for Apps, the Teen Choice Award for Choice Social Network and many more.

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Going deeper into the history of Instagram, eight years ago, Systrom, one of Instagram’s developers is a man who worked in marketing yet studied evening engineering lessons so he could learn to code. After several months of practice, he created a prototype application of a nasty idea he called Burbn, a location app that helped people check where they are on the mobile web an application.

Krieger then joined him while they transformed Systrom’s idea into something more reasonable. After several weeks of experimentation testing of his prototype, the two geniuses, Systrom and Krieger released the application, not Burn This time, but Instagram. The two claim Burbn was a false start but given that two heads are better, they could produce such great achievements we are using today.

Krieger says that, although they took just 8 weeks to build Instagram, it was a project that had taken him several years before he started the coding classes. Instagram as a cooperation has a username known @Instagram and is the most-followed user on Instagram with over 256 million followers to date

Talking about Instagram net-weight, Kevin Systrom the CEO has a net worth of an estimate of $1.67 billion but Zuckerberg was so lucky to gain Instagram at just $1 billion while it only had 30 million users.

However, after its launch in 2010, Instagram rapidly grew popular, and in just two months, it had registered one million users, ten million in one year, and over eight hundred million in 2017. Today, Instagram has over five hundred million daily active users while its opponent, Snap has just 173 million daily active users


Creating multiple accounts with Instagram

I have seen several questions on Facebook, How do you create an account with Instagram, How to manage your account? And the likes. While it is so easy to create an account, It’s good to note that the limited number of accounts one can create with Instagram is not two as many of you thought. Depending on how convenient you are with multiple accounts, you can as well create and manage many at once. You can manage a maximum of five accounts simultaneously, but a different email for each of those accounts.

Another good thing about Instagram like Facebook, you may switch between multiple accounts without logging out and logging in again. For multiple account use, Go to your profile and tap the setting button on the top right. Scroll down and click Add Account.

However, if you are using multiple accounts, the link to connect all your accounts will not be visible, if you have a personal account and at the same time running a fan page, then people won’t know that these accounts are connected unless you post a link to visibly show that.

Deleting a photo from your Instagram gallery.

After uploading your photo and you realize it wasn’t a good caption, or it wasn’t the photo you wanted to upload, it’s easy anymore, you can delete this photo from your Instagram immediately and instantly before being viewed in the simplest steps below. However, before deleting, ensure that you use an Instagram application rather than the Instagram Web.

Steps to delete any photo and post on Instagram directly

To begin with, look above the target photo on the right side, you can see 3 points in the form of dots going down in a row, click on them, the menu icons. You will see a Delete option. So tap on it and your photo will be deleted instantly.

In clear steps below.

  • Open Instagram, then tap the profile icon at the bottom-right part of the screen. This will bring up photos in your feed.
  • Select the photo you wish to delete.
  • Click the three dots, on the upper-right corner. This will bring up the menu.
  • Select Delete. Confirm the delete, and it removes the photo from the Instagram.

How to Block a User on Instagram

Before one may use an application, the Block tool is one feature users usually look for. Such properties increase the security and usability of the application. Instagram, like any other application, has a Block button that may help you prevent a certain follower and Instagram user from viewing your status, sharing with you, and seeing posts from you. I’ll show you how you can block someone in a few steps, it’s so easy.

After opening Instagram on your mobile, click on the search icon, and type the username of the follower to block. Tap his/her username entry to open the person’s profile page. Tap the Menu icon in the target account’s profile page, then click Block User. You are finally done with blocking your target. Never will they see your posts again unless you unblock them.

How to Delete an Instagram Direct Post

Did you know that you can delete a direct post on Instagram? yes you can. This may be done when you Log in to your account and tap the Direct-icon. A list of your recent direct in box shall open. It lists all your notifications in the Direct Inbox, along with direct posts you sent and received. Click X to delete the Target post from your Inbox.

Tap the “X” in a Direct Request notification to reject direct messages from the sender. The request is deleted, and the person is not authorized to send direct messages to your account. You can also tap “Ignore All” to ignore all Direct Requests. You should know users who do not follow you can send you Direct posts and messages. Instagram gives you the power to put up or take down what you you desire.