How to Block or Deactivate Bank USSD Code in Nigeria

How to Block or Deactivate Bank USSD Code in
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With the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code and a customer’s mobile phone, a bank customer can perform a number of basic banking activities. You can use these codes to do a variety of banking-related tasks, such as checking your account balance, making a transfer, paying bills, topping up your mobile airtime, and more, all from your phones.

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While bank USSD codes are a convenient and secure way to conduct banking transactions, you may choose to block them for various reasons, including:

  • If you are concerned about security and have lost or stolen a mobile phone, or if you fear an unauthorized person has gotten access to your mobile device, you may opt to block your bank’s USSD code. You can stop fraudulent charges from being made to your phone by blocking your USSD code.
  • If you are worried about the security of your personal and financial data, you have the option of blocking your bank’s USSD code. You can safeguard your financial data from unauthorized mobile access by blocking your USSD code.
  • If you are having financial difficulties and would want to restrict your spending or prevent fraudulent transactions, you may opt to block your bank’s USSD code.


List of Codes for Blocking or Deactivating Bank USSD Codes on Your Stolen Phone/SIM Card

If you or someone you know loses a phone, here are the USSD codes for all banks so that you don’t lose the money in your account. Thieves use USSD code to take money from the bank accounts of their victims. So, if you know anyone who loses their phone, help them quickly turn off the USSD profile to their bank account by dialing the following numbers from any phone.

BanksUSSD Deactivation Code
Access Bank*901*911#
Ecobank *326*911#
Fidelity Bank*770*911#
First Bank*894*911#
Heritage Bank*745*7#
Zenith Bank*966*911#
Keystone Bank*7111*911#
Sterling Bank*822*911#
Unity Bank*7799*911#
WEMA Bank*945*911#

Note: When you dial the code from any line, you will be asked to enter the phone number you want to deactivate, and that settles it.

How to Reactivate USSD Code on Your Bank Account

If you have retrieved your stolen SIM card, you can contact your bank and request help in reenabling or reactivating the blocked SIM card. That should clear things up.


This is how to stop all of your bank’s USSD codes from working on a lost or stolen phone. This will stop thieves from taking your money without you knowing. This is currently working on Access Bank, Ecobank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, Heritage Bank, Zenith Bank, GTBank, Keystone Bank, Sterling Bank, UBA, Unity Bank, and WEMA Bank. Blocking your account or turning on the SIM lock is another surefire way to keep your bank account safe.