Full List of Data Bundles with Free OTT on MTN, Airtel, Africell, Smile, UTL

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Following the introduction of Over the Top Tax (OTT) in May 2018 by the Ugandan government, 5 million social media lovers had a remarkable set back according to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). Each subscriber who desires to access social media is required to pay UGX 200 daily.

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Although the OTT tax is here to stay, many Ugandans are still hesitating with paying the levy which they believe was introduced to limit freedom of speech. While some internet subscribers struggle to adapt to paying OTT tax, other subscribers have chosen to evade the regulation by using Virtual Private Network (VPN) to freely connect to their favorite social media platforms.

Let’s agree that at times we hate the idea of buying data bundles and clearing OTT tax separately. We are nostalgic about the times we only had to buy data to use social media. Now, telecom companies have a new element that offers subscribers data bundles with free OTT. Just like the old times, you can buy data and worry less about OTT.

This article gives you a compiled list of data bundles with free OTT on MTN, Airtel, Africell, Smile and UTL.

Data Bundles with OTT on MTN.

MTN Uganda recently launched internet with OTT bundles. These bundles allow subscribers to have value for their money by buying bigger volumes of data that are OTT tax-compliant for less money. As per now, MTN offers the data bundle in daily packages meaning that each data purchase made will expire after 24hours. Customers can shoot two birds with one stone by dialing *185*2*4# to activate the daily internet with OTT bundle of their choice.

  1. Buy 50MB plus OTT at UGX 750
  2. Buy 125MB plus OTT at UGX 1500
  3. Buy 400MB plus OTT at UGX 3000
  4. Buy 1GB plus OTT at UGX 5000
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Note: In case you have zeroed up your data package, your OTT will stay available which means you can still buy another data bundle without worrying about tax subscription. The internet with OTT data bundles is purchased through MTN mobile money.

Data Bundles with OTT on Airtel.

Airtel Uganda introduced distinctive Airtel data OTT bundles. This new element allows subscribers to buy social media tax and data in one package. This OTT is entirely paid for with data for instance before, the subscriber would buy 40MBs data bundle at UGX 500 and then pay OTT tax for UGX 200 separately but the data plus OTT bundle allows the subscriber to just pay UGX 700 to get the two in one data bundle. Forget the times you had to buy data and then pay OTT separately, just dial *185*2*2# and follow the prompts to activate the data bundle.

  1. 15MB plus OTT at UGX 450
  2. 40MB plus OTT at UGX 700
  3. 100MB plus OTT at UGX 1200
  4. 1 GB plus OTT at UGX 5600

Note: The Data plus OTT bundle is valid for only 24 hours and can be purchased via Airtel mobile money. But in case you have zeroed up your data package, your OTT will stay available which means you can still buy another data bundle without worrying about tax subscription.

Data Bundles with OTT on Africell.

Africell Uganda unveiled a data plan that comes with free OTT. All Africell data bundles give the subscriber access to social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. To activate these cheap and affordable bundles, dial *133*6#.

  • Buy 25MB at UGX 300 valid for 24 hours.
  • Buy 60MB at UGX 500 valid for 24 hours.
  • Buy 200 MB at UGX 1000 valid for 24 hours.
  • Buy 600MB at UGX 4000 valid for a week
  • Buy 1GB at UGX 5000 valid for a week.
  • Buy 3GB at UGX 10,000 valid for a month.
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Data Bundles with OTT on Smile.

All Smile data bundles are conjoined with OTT. The OTT tax is deducted in MBs every day from daily and 30 day data bundle once the customer accesses OTT service. Dial *223# to activate the bundle.

ValidityData bundleOTT Tax in MBs per day
24 hours100MB SmileFlexy16MB
200MB SmileFlexy16MB
300MB SmileFlexy16MB
500MB SmileFlexy16MB
1.5GB SmileLite16MB
1GB SmileNight16MB
500MB Anytime16MB
30 days1GB SmileLite16MB
1.5GB SmileLite16MB
3GB Anytime16MB
5GB Anytime16MB
10GB Anytime16MB
20GB Anytime16MB
50GB Anytime48MB
100GB Anytime48MB
200GB Anytime48MB
5GB Night & Weekend16MB
10GB Night & Weekend16MB
20GB Night & Weekend16MB
30 daysUnlimitedEssential1452MB

Data Bundles with OTT on UTL.

Uganda Telecom Limited has a great selection of internet bundles that are OTT tax-compliant to fit every user and budget. Simply dial *100*5# to activate the data bundle.

Simply dial *100*5# to purchase any of the great internet bundles in the menu or  preferably use the USSD codes below;

CapacityValidityTariff (VAT inclusive)USSD Code