How to Create and Share a WhatsApp Poll with your Contacts

How to Create and Share a WhatsApp poll with your
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Amidst group chats figuring out and tracking answers to a particular question is hard. Fortunately, WhatsApp polls make it easier for everyone. Creating a poll on WhatsApp can be a fun and easy way to gather feedback and opinions from your contacts. Here’s how to create a poll on WhatsApp:

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Know this;

  • You can create one WhatsApp poll at a time.
  • Whatsapp polls can not be copied or forwarded between chats.
  • You can create up to 12 options for each poll question.
  • All chat participants can view WhatsApp poll details.
  • All chat participants including the poll creator can vote.
  • The Poll feature is available for Android, iOS, and desktop versions.

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How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on your device and go to the chat (individual chat or group chat) where you want to create the poll.

Step 2: Tap on the paperclip icon or the plus icon in the input field to open the attachment menu.

Step 3: Select the Poll from the attachment menu. If you do not have the poll option, update your Whatsapp to the latest version.

How to Create and Share a WhatsApp poll with your

Step 4: The poll creation page will load and you will be prompted to enter the poll question and possible answer options. Under the Question option, enter the question for your poll in the provided input field, and then enter the options for the answers in the fields below(can create up to 12 options). Click and drag the hamburger option to change the order of your poll.

Step 5: Once you have entered the question and options for your poll, tap on the Send button to send the poll to the chat. Kuddos! you vote has been shared with your contacts.

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How to Respond to a Poll?

Responding to a WhatsApp poll is easy. To vote, tap on your preferred answer. If you are dissatisfied with your choice, you can click on your vote again to remove your vote.

How to Create and Share a WhatsApp poll with your

How do you View Poll Votes on WhatsApp?

With WhatsApp polls, you easily get to understand the views of your contacts on WhatsApp. Once you are sure that the voting process is complete, here is how you can view poll details;

  1. Open a chat where you sent your poll.
  2. Click View votes. You will be able to see votes for each poll option. Fortunately, each option will attach the contacts that voted.

Quick Note: All parties in that particular chat can view Whatsapp poll details.

How to Create and Share a WhatsApp poll with your