How to Create and Share a Link for your WhatsApp Call

How to Create and Share a Link for your WhatsApp
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We have all been accustomed to making WhatsApp calls the regular way. I mean just tapping the call or video icon right next to the preferred contact and thereafter we could choose to add up to 8 participants to the call. However, that could be history right now. The WhatsApp call proprietor can choose to create and share a link for their WhatsApp call using the Create Link feature. The Zoom-like feature was recently rolled out to enable users to schedule and create links to their WhatsApp voice or video calls. Fortunately, this feature is available for both Android and IOS users.

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To get started, you need to ensure that WhatsApp running on your device is up to speed with the latest version If the feature is not available in your app, go ahead and update the app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.


How to use the WhatsApp Create Call Link Feature

Upon successfully updating your WhatsApp, follow the step-by-step guide below;

Step 1: Start WhatsApp on your device.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Calls‘ section from the lower menu.

Step 3: At the top of the call section, you will see the ‘Create call link‘ option in blue color. If you wish to create and share a link for your WhatsApp call, tap on the link.

How to Create and Share a Link for your WhatsApp

Step 4: Upon clicking on the link, you will be referred to a new page from which you get to copy/share the link and also alter the call type settings.

  • Click on the Call Type option then select either Video Call or Voice Call. Once that is done, a link will be generated instantly.
  • Tap on the Share Link option if you wish to share the link on other apps or with your contacts. Select WhatsApp contact or App then follow the prompts.
  • Either way, you can just select the Copy Link option and paste the link to your designated location.
How to Create and Share a Link for your WhatsApp

Well, that’s it! Kudos, you managed to create and share a link for your WhatsApp Call.

Quick Note: Anyone with WhatsApp can use this link to join the call. That being mentioned, only share the link with your contacts or the people that you trust.

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How will the Link Recipients Join your WhatsApp Call?

Now that you have successfully shared the link with your contacts, you could be wondering how they will be able to join your WhatsApp call. Well, the answer to your worry is pretty simple. Recipients will just click on the link and be directed to the call immediately.

How many people Can Join a WhatsApp Call?

Before the launch of the Create Link feature, both WhatsApp video calls and voice calls could only incorporate 8 participants per time. The number of active voice call or video call participants has since multiplied fourfold totaling up to 32. Therefore, you can share your link with as many people as you like, however, only 32 link holders will be able to participate or join your WhatsApp call.