Cost of Getting Bank Statements in Uganda

Getting Bank Statements Uganda -
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This post reveals the cost of getting bank statements in Uganda.

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How much does a bank statement cost in Uganda?

To answer that question. You have to know which kind of statement you want. Because there are 3 types of bank statements:

a) Firstly, normal statement:

A normal statement is one that you can get online. Or from your bank’s branch. And it is usually for a year or 2.

b) Secondly, duplicate statement:

This is one that is sent to a third party with your authorization.

c) Lastly, interim statement:

This is a financial report covering a period of less than one year.

Below is a table showing the cost of getting bank statements in Uganda (for different banks)

 Normal StatementInterim StatementDuplicate Statemente-Statement via Online Banking
ABC CapitalFreeshs3,000 Per Pageshs3,000 Per Page
Stanbic Bankshs10,000 Per Monthshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per PageFree for the first 6 months
KCB Bank UgandaFree at end of the month, shs 10,000 per page for past monthsshs10,000 per pageshs10,000Free for a year
Diamond Bankshs5,000shs5,000 For 1 year. More than one year is shs10,000Free for a duration of 1 month.
Equity Bankshs10,000 Per Pageshsh10,000 Per Pageshs10,000 Per PageFree
Housing Finance Bankshs 20,000shs2,500shs2,500Free
Standard Chartered BankFreeshs10,000 Per Pageshs10,000 Per PageFree
AfrilandFreeshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page
ABSA BankFreeshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page
Bank of AfricaFreeshs5,000 Per PageNil
Bank of IndiaNilshs3,500shs6,000
Bank of Barodashs3,450shs5,750shs5,750
Cairo Bankshs3,000shs3,000shs3,000
Centenary Bankshs4,000 per pageshs4,000shs4,000
DFCU BankFreeshs10,000shs10,000
EXIM BankFreeshs5,000shs10, 000 Per Page
Finance Trust1 free then charge per page upto max of 100,000shs2,500Per Pageshs3,500Per Page
GTBankfree then charge per page upto max of 100,000shs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page
NCBA BankFreeshs5,000`shs5,000
Opportunity Bankshs2,500shs4,000shs4,000
Orient Bankshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page
Tropical Bankshs3,000N/Ashs3,000
UBA Uganda1 Free per quartershs5,000shs5,000
Cost of Getting Bank Statements in Uganda -
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What is a bank statement?

bank statement is an official summary of financial transactions occurring within a given period for each bank account held by a person or business with a financial institution. 

Such statements are prepared by the financial institution. The statements are numbered and indicate the period covered by the statement. And may contain other relevant information for the account type. Such as how much is payable by a certain date.

The start date of the statement period is most of the time the day after the end of the previous statement period.

What is a bank statement used for?

Bank statements are commonly used by the customer to monitor cash flow. Check for possible fraudulent transactions. And perform bank reconciliations.

How do I get a bank statement in Uganda?

In the past, bank statements have been printed on one or more pieces of paper. And either mailed directly to the account holder. Or kept at the financial institution’s local branch for pick-up.

In recent years, there has been a shift towards paperless electronic statements. And many financial institutions now also offer direct downloads of financial information into the account holders’ accounting software to streamline the reconciliation process.