3 Easy Ways to Convert Images to Text Using OCR

Convert Images to Text Using OCR
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Let’s assume your boss asked you to write the text on a page or any online tool written in a picture.

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It will waste your time as you will have to read each line from the picture and write it on paper.

And the difficulty may get increased for you if there is any blurry picture and it is not easy to read. Here, you will have to struggle a lot.

But technology has brought numerous changes with time and made human tasks easy.

The same is the case for converting your image into text, where OCR technology has provided ease for the users.

A person can quickly scan the photos and make them editable. So, the time of a user can be saved here. Using this technology, one can figure out all the characters present in the image and convert it to an editable digital document.

There are several tools available on the internet that uses OCR technology to extract the text from images. These tools can even read blurry pictures and take out the characters to make that text file.

But before going into details, a user must have an idea about OCR and its working.

So, let’s discuss it first.

What is OCR?

OCR is a software technology used in tools that helps to extract characters and text from images. Several online tools are working by using this technology.

This AI-based technology helps figure out the text inside the image converted to a file or document. Tools using OCR technology are very accurate in terms of usage and generate results for users within no time. 

Either a person is willing to convert an image to text on a mobile phone or laptop; he can do it using this technology. A good image to text converter will quickly extract the whole text from the Image.

Ways to convert images to text using OCR.

To convert these images to text, several methods can be followed.

Here we will discuss 3 easy ways for the users by which they can easily convert the images to text and create files of them.

Convert image to text online

The first and most followed method for extracting text from an image is to use online tools. The only thing you need is to have internet and a browser on your device. A person can use this method on any laptop or mobile device, or any other gadget.

After getting these necessities, the user has to upload the file drag it into the box. If a person is using an online picture, i.e., taking it from the internet, he can paste its link in the URL box.

upload image to Convert Images to Text Using OCR

The image to text converter uses an advanced algorithm that quickly scans the whole text and makes it editable on the notepads.

The extracted text will be shown in a separate box that can be downloaded or copied from there. This is the most common method for extracting text from images.

Use Google’s docs to extract text from images

If you don’t want to use other images to text converters or have any trust issues regarding such apps, you have an option here. It would be best if you had an idea about Google docs. This platform provides the facility to users that they can extract text from images quite easily.

Upload File to Google Drive

Users don’t have to visit other tools if they are using Google Docs. The only thing they have to do is import the file there. One of the best things about Google docs is that it can also detect the font size, style, and even color.

Google Docs OCR

So, users have an easy option to extract such colorful texts by this method. Using Google docs is the best and most efficient way to complete the tasks. Also, it is a safe option for users who have security concerns.

Use an OCR app for android

If you don’t have a laptop with him, he can instantly take advantage of android apps that can convert the picture to text. A user has to upload the file here, and it will scan the picture thoroughly.

use android app

There is a button on the top corner of mobile apps that asks for a picture. Users can upload it directly or take an image from the camera option. After it; the OCR software will scan the whole file and extract text from that picture.

homescreen app
crop image
view history

Text scanners of these tools are perfect as they don’t give any error in the text. Users can get the extracted text from the scan box.

Final words:

Image to text converters is the best way to save time and get out the complex figures from an image that is not easy to read. For converting images to text, a person can use different ways to make this task easy

Above mentioned methods are best to extract the text from the image. A person can make files from them and make the text editable.


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