How to connect your Smart TV to Netflix.

How to connect your Smart TV to Netflix. - UgTechMag.Com
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Netflix is a one-stop video streaming platform through which consumers have unlimited access to a variety of movies, series, comedies, dramas, TV shows, etc. – all available at a fee called a subscription. Once subscribed, you can access the app from any location of comfort provided you have an internet connection, over a wide range of gadgets which include computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs, or video game consoles. According to data from Netflix, 70% of its streams generated are off connected TVs rather than the phones, tablets, or PCs. This poses one question, do you know how to connect your TV to Netflix? If not, below are some of the ways to connect your Smart TV to Netflix….just so you do not feel left out.

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Using a smart TV

This is one of the easiest ways to connect to Netflix through your TV. For some models of smart TV, Netflix can be accessed through the smart TV ‘my apps’ menu among a list of other apps such as YouTube, Vevo, HBO Go, BBC player, Hulu, etc. From the list, simply select the app, feed in your login details and access will be granted. This is without overlooking the fact that you must have a good and steady internet connection. Alternatively, some smart TV models have a Netflix button already on the remote as one of the options.

How to connect your Smart TV to Netflix. - UgTechMag.Com

Download and activate the Netflix app on your Smart TV

This works exactly as it does with your mobile. Simply head to the Google Play store on your smart TV, search Netflix and if the app is device supported, it’ll show up in the search and proceed to download.

To activate it on your smart TV, You’ll also need to have a laptop on which you are logged into a Netflix account. This is because you cannot directly log into your Netflix account from the smart TV. Launch the downloaded app, this will prompt you with an activation code, and from your laptop, visit the Netflix activation page at “”, sign in to your profile and enter the code displayed on your TV screen and click activate. The TV app should thereafter automatically reboot and thus after you’ll have access to your Netflix account. Alternatively, you can also connect the Netflix on your computer to the TV screen using an HDMI cable.

Download and activate the Netflix app on your Smart TV - UgTechMag.Com

How to connect to TV from a phone

How to connect to TV from a phone - UgTechMag.Com

You can also connect your phone to the TV and easily stream your Netflix programs. The Netflix app on your phone is connected to your TV through a device such as a Chromecast or Roku. How?

Open the Netflix app on your phone and select the Cast button. This brings the “Connect to device” option so select the device you’re connecting to/sending your Netflix content to. When connected, you should see the Netflix app on your TV screen so go ahead and select that movie or show you wanted to watch and it will start playing on your connected TV.